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International conference: Urban Primacy and Traditional Urban fabric in Sultanate of Oman


The urban primacy is one of the distinct features of contemporary urbanization since the last century. It has profound economic and social transformations in cities particularly on their traditional urban fabric. Several studies at various spatial levels, local, regional and global has been directed to investigate the phenomenon. These studies have focused on the causes of Urban primacy as well and it impacts, the aim was to find out mechanisms to mitigate the negative effects of urban primacy particularly on the traditional urban fabric and secure sustainability. Future conditions of cities and their transformations in current global dynamics are also on the core focus of these studies. Accordingly this conference, which will be held in the Sultanate of Oman in response to both local and global concerns to deal with this significant issue and highlights the need to intensify the studies that deal with urban primacy. It is quite evident that the reality of the cities in the Arab region in general, and in the Gulf region in particular have gone through major Scio-economic and demographic transformations in last four decades, which reinforces the need to study urban primacy thoroughly
The Conference Objective
To identify the effects of urban primacy on the traditional urban fabric of Oman.
To display the regulations and policies that regulate the effects of urban expansion on the historic environment in Oman, specifically architectural heritage.
To measure the impact of the development and housing plans on the traditional urban fabric of Oman.
To examine societal changes associated with urban primacy as well as cultural and social impacts.
To examine the role of rural urban migration on the emergence of urban primacy and shrinking of traditional rural settlements
To illustrate the effect of the economic growth of cities on the local economies in rural areas, and their implications for Weaving a traditional urban
To exploring the future of the traditional urban fabric of Oman and sustainability in light of changes resulting from the urban domination

The conferences covers four themes
The reality of Urban Primacy
Impacts of Urban primacy
Ways to preserve the traditional urban fabric
Laws and legislations that regulate urban planning