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X International Symposium on Temperate Fruits in the Tropics and Subtropics


Exchange of research output from countries where temperate fruits are cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions of the world

Develop knowledge base and research plan for conservation of genetic resources, manage natural resources, ameliorate climate extremes, enhance yield and fruit quality of fruit trees cultivated in the mountains in Oman
Develop a strong and lasting relationship with the International Society of Horticultural Sciences, in light of the Oman’s country membership as per Royal Decree 92/2010

Implement the international and national research collaboration as mandated in the joint SQU-MAF higher committee (and with involvement of TRC as in the approved recommendations of the 1st National Conference on Agriculture & Fisheries (2014), and the Joint Oman-South Africa Technical Collaboration, and other relevant bilateral agreements

Utilization of Oman’s country membership at ISHS

Benefits of stakeholders (including government employees, NGOs, the private sector, and growers) from the conference scientific information & cutting edge research in management, production and utilization of temperate fruit crops

Learning skills at the hand of top international professionals through applied workshop (as part of the symposium scientific program)

Greater exposure of Oman scientific research cadre to international researchers and research organizations

Further development of national institutional collaboration in scientific research in the field of agricultural sciences
Broader exposure to international research and world scholars in agricultural sciences
New and continuous research collaboration opportunities with researchers from across the globe
Enhancement of SQU reputation internationally by hosting an ISHS symposium, the largest agricultural sciences organization in the world

Publication of presented papers in a special issue of Acta Horticultura – an SCOPUS-index ISHS refereed proceedings, edited by SQU faculty

Training of faculty and technical staff on aspects of temperate fruit production through practical workshop

Continue leading the excellent research work on mountain agricultural systems, where temperate fruit crops are grown in Oman

Further enhance the ongoing collaboration with scientists from countries such as South Africa, where SQU has a technical-collaboration agreement, and develop new venues of collaboration with scientists who work on the scientific committee of the symposium.