The AIAP provides the following services based on its five main objectives:


1. Awareness and Knowledge Transfer

 1.1 Conduct awareness campaigns about the program (AIAP).

 1.2 Conduct creative awareness seminars and workshops about innovation, intellectual property, patent, technology

       transfer and commercialization, and relevant topics to innovation

 1.3 Conduct innovation competitions


2. Introduce new courses in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

 2.1 The AIAP is already delivering an elective course called: Introduction to innovation and entrepreneurship

 2.2 Deliver workshops on innovative teaching and learning technologies

 2.3 Provide workshops for the development of research and innovative skills


3. Provide specialized Training for staff of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Department in the area of innovation and technology transfer management systems.   


4.  Innovative Project Support Service

The AIAP invites SQU faculty, students, staff who work on innovative ideas and projects to submit their innovative ideas/projects to AIAP on line application system at AIAP PSP Webpage . The approved applications, after being assessed by AIAP experts will receive the following services based on the maturity level and requirements of the proposed idea/project: 


4.1 Funding

The AIAP will provide funding up to 50,000 O.R for potential innovative proposals. Funding includes conducting exploratory research, purchase equipment, develop a prototype…etc.


4.2  Technical Support

If the project requires special technical assistance, the AIAP will find a proper SQU faculty/technician to work with the idea provider


4.3  Intellectual Property Protection

−      Intellectual property filing

−      Performing full screening searches

−      Prepares and handles patent applications

−      Provides IP Assessment related to patents, copyright, trademarks and trade secrets.

−      Performs initial disclosure reviews upon request

−      Provides and handles copyright filings


4.4 Commercial Support

       For innovations that can be turned into business projects, the AIAP will provide advice on drafting a business plan 

       and connect the idea/project provider to existing funding programs such as, Rafud fund, Sharaka and others.