Entrepreneur Resources

The AIAP Entrepreneur Resources are a collection of resources, companies, organizations that provide services to assist in business development and entrepreneurship. We do not advocate any of the following organizations; they are listed as a resource for entrepreneurs.

·         Public Authority for SMS Development: was established to support small and medium sized enterprises. It    

          provides training programs and mentoring programs for entrepreneurs in different areas. 

·        INJAZ OMAN: (INJAZ) is a non-profit (NPO), non-governmental organization (NGO) driven by Oman's private 

         sector. INJAZ delivers educational programs on entrepreneurial and leadership skills aimed at inspiring and 

         educating future generations. 

·         Sharakah: is a closed joint stock company which specifically encourages and supports the development of 

          entrepreneurs and SMEs in the sultanate. It provides customized financial solutions between 10,000 to 100,000 

          to suit the needs of entrepreneurs 

·         Sas Programme for Entrepreneurship is a Public Private collaboration to encourage entrepreneurship and 

           the development of IT related small and medium business. It offers services in all aspects of starting up and 

           running a business plus an incubation center for potential entrepreneurs

·         Intilaaqah: It provides quality business development services for development of young entrepreneurs, support 

          to small and medium enterprise sector, recognize entrepreneurs’ achievements and encourage others to follow 

          on their footsteps.

·         Oman Investment Corporation: It is a private equity investment company that invests in dynamic small to 

          medium sized businesses, working in partnership to create market-leading companies that deliver excellent

          returns to all shareholders.


If you would like to suggest an addition to the resources, please contact Nadhira Alhabsi at: nadhira@squ.edu.om