In each phase AIAP will be using different procedures, tools, experts, SQU agreements, policies and committees to support and evaluate the applications submitted and to assess the outcomes of the approved applications - among others below are very essential ones to be used:

  • SQU idea/project online software will be used for the proposal submission and feedback to the applicants
  • AIAP team members and experts (if needed) will be carrying out the assessment and support in all phases
  • If needed patent search tools will be used to evaluate the newness of the idea/project submitted
  • During phase 2, phase 3 and 4 Business Evaluation Calculus (BEC) software might be used for the assessment of the valuable outcomes of the idea/project
  • All intellectual property issues related to idea/project will be subjected to SQU IP Policy
  • SQU Innovation Advisory Committee will play a role in supporting patent application according to the committee terms of reference
  • SQU-Becker and Poliakoff legal and business firm agreement will provide legal assistance to successful ideas and projects including the following: