Focus on Best Practices in Innovation

May, 1st  2014

The Academic Innovation Assistance Program (AIAP) at SQU recently organized a seminar titled "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Best Practices from the University of Florida" delivered by Dr. Erik Sandeq, Director of the Engineering Innovation Institute at the University of Florida, and a workshop for students titled "Incubation Models for Technology Development" delivered by Alaya Bettaieb, Former Vice Minister, Investment & International Cooperation, Tunisia and founder of the first university based Business Incubator-Acceleration, Tunisia.

Dr. Sander said that the Innovation Institute, is dedicated to developing essential innovation skills in the next generation of engineering leaders. "Engineering innovation has the capability to change the world." Sander's role at the institute focuses on the needs of the faculty, staff and students, and develop programs that will provide them with the engineering and innovation skills needed to positively influence society. The institute has programs committed to invention and entrepreneurship as well as programs focused on transitioning innovative engineering technologies into the marketplace. Innovation and entrepreneurship classes at the institute are offered to undergraduate and graduate students, on the University of Florida campus and online. 

Alaya Bettaieb spoke about venture capital and techno transfer and incubation models in supporting technology development in the Arab world. He said that in order to augment venture capital and techno transfer culture in this region, Intellectual Property (IP) culture should be inculcated within universities, faculties, researchers, and students. He suggested opening technology transfer offices within MENA universities and spread of success stories on innovation, entrepreneurship