Workshops and Seminars

 “Barriers to Innovation – Developing a Creative and Innovative Mindset”

Presented by  Dr. Shahid Yamin , Associate Professor of Strategic Management &Innovation. Dept. of Management, College of Economics & Political Sciences


 “Can SQU become an Entrepreneurial University? Should It?”

Presented by  Kevin Hindle, Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia


 “The Purpose and Meaning of Patent Searches”

“ How Researchers can benefit from Global Patent system”

“ The Global Patent system and the Transfer of Technology to Industry: How do researchers benefit and participate ? "

Presented by Mr. Richard Litman ( CEO, Litman Law Firm,US)
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“Innovation and Entrepreneurship Best Practices from the University of Florida”

“How do you evaluate your business Idea?”

Presented by Mr. Erik Sander (Director of Engineering Innovation Institute at Florida. US)


 “Incubation Models for Technology Development”

“How do you evaluate your Business Idea?”

Presented By H.E. Alaya Bettaieb (Technology Licensing Practitioner, Tunisia)