Our Perticipants

Welcome to the participants' section. In this section you will find out why you should participate in SQU Career and Training Opportunities Fair 2018, and how to apply. You may find all details about the exhibition layout, timing, and the scheduled events associated with CTOF 2018. It is useful, also, to get some tips as a new participant in this fair.


Why SQU Career Fair?

We may brief the importance of participating in SQU Career & Training Opportunities Fair 2018 in the following:

  • Meeting potential future employees with high and advanced skills.
  • Identifying the nature of SQU academic programs and their adaptation to the future needs of the institution.
  • Recognizing Skills and advanced knowledge possessed by SQU students.
  • Exploring future cooperation opportunities with SQU (through coordinated with Center for Career Guidance)
    Providing Marketing opportunity for the institution, and displaying future career opportunities for SQU students with the associated advantages.


How to Apply?

  The Online Registration for Career Fair 2018 is designed to facilitate smooth online booking which you may access directly via the website:https://careerfair.squ.edu.om.

You may also visit the SQU website: 
https://www.squ.edu.omand click on the web banner
(Career & Training Opp. Fair 2018). 

Registration Process:


Step 1:
 The Center for Career Guidance (CCG) - the organizer of the event- sends invitations via e-mail to target organizations

Step 2: You are eligible to apply a pre-registration request once invitation is received by accessing the link: (http://careerfair.squ.edu.om/).

Step 3: Once application is approved by the Center for Career Guidance (CCG), you need to finalize registration by completing your organization profile and selecting a booth on the exhibition online map.

Terms of Payments

Fully payment with a confirmation of the booth description, by a cheque withdrawn in favor of " SQU Career & Training Opportunities Fair 2018".


Exhibition Layout Details

The fair contains three types of booths:

Standard Booths:

  • A display area with approx. of 3m x 2m
  • Electric sockets available at each booth.
  • Lunch for (3) participants only from each organization.

Note:All participants have the freedom to design and install their own booth, where SQU will not provide any stands neither table and chairs

Main Booths (corner & side):

  • Larger display area with the same services provided for basic booths. (Higher price)
  • Lunch for (5) participants only from each organization.

Please, download our exhibition layout map (PDF File), it has the participation fees too


Tips & Advices:

Booth Interiors: Exhibitors are free to decorate their booths in the way that will represent the image of their company, but it should not be distracted to other adjacent booths. 

General Security: Security procedures will be fully enforced in the duration of the exhibition. However, individual exhibitors should take all possible precautions to minimize any potential damage or loss to their equipment or materials. 

Leave Rules: Exhibitors are not allowed to dismantle or leave their booths before the exhibition is over. They must take their supplies or equipments out of the exhibition by 05:00 pm on Wednesday 7th March 2018..

The Career Fair Map