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 Dr. Talal Al-Awadhi
Head of Department 


Welcome Message:

Geography was first established in S.Q.U. in 1986 as one of two units which constituted the then so called Department of History and Geography. This modest launch continued till 1993 when the Geography Unit developed into a full-fletched academic department with a significant instructional and research mission. Since then, Geography became a strong and dynamic discipline in the College of Arts and Social Sciences.

During the academic year 2007-2008, slightly more than 600 students registered in the Undergraduate Program of the Geography Department, amid 320 of them are in major and minor courses of Geography, and about 300 from other Departments and Colleges of SQU who enrolled in the different courses offered by the Department.
The Department has 14 members of staff, one Demonstrator and two GIS and Remote Sensing technicians. The Department was keen that they come from American, British, German, French and Arab universities in order to ensure diversity of geographical thought in the overall performance of the Department. In addition, facilities in the Department include a GIS laboratory with 30 personal computers, a cartography/ remote sensing laboratory with 20 personal computers, a map library and store and special shelves in the College library and Main Library containing a wide selection of geography related books and scientific journals.

Geography is an academic discipline of very broad and deep scope. It combines both social and physical sciences. As such, the study of Geography enhances significantly the student knowledge of the earth we live in and, hence, helps to broaden his/her perspectives in the social, political and economic aspects of different cultures and societies. In addition, studying Geography provides students with potent research tools such as cartography, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing techniques. It also endows students with quantitative and qualitative techniques which are necessary for to geographic and environmental analyses. These skills help to prepare students for careers in both public and private sectors that deal with environmental and social research, planning, development and management activities.

The Department’s teaching and training activities accord with the University’s aim of achieving regional and international standing Therefore, as we look forward into the 21st Century, the Department of Geography is well positioned to address key issues pertaining Omani society. We look forward to play an instrumental role in S.Q.U. efforts in forging the future of Oman's society and economy. This effort is entirely consistent with the recognition that Geography, particularly in the new GIS science era, plays a central role. 








To be center of excellence in teaching, research and training in geography at the local, regional and international levels.



To provide high quality learning, research and training in the geographical field that promote and challenge individual growth among students. 

The department aims to achieve the following objectives in teaching, research and community service:


  •         To provide an academic environment that encourages students to inquire and explore geographical knowledge.
  •         To develop students' appreciation of geography as an interdisciplinary subject.
  •         To assure that geography students develop sound analytical and problem solving skills that make them competitive in the job market.
  •         To emphasize critical thinking, quantitative reasoning and digital applications in geography.
  •         To promote applied and theoretical research in geography with special emphasis on research of the social value recognized locally and regionally.
  •         To provide relevant and practical services to the university and to the local community by promoting faculty and students to provide public lectures, seminars and provision of scientific advice and carry out feasibility studies.



Dr. Yassine Abdel Rahman Charabi
Applied Climatology & Meteorology Associate Professor
PhD, University of Lille1, Sciences and Technology, France, 2001
Extension: 2954
Office No: 2471

Dr. Talal Yousuf Al Awadhi
Head of the Department
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Assistant Professor
PhD, Newcastle University, UK, 2002
Extension: 1655
Office No: 2456


Dr. Eyad Hakam Fadda
Geomatics Engineering Associate Professor
Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote sensing
PhD, Dundee University, UK, 2003
Extension: 2003
Office No: 2468

     Dr. Salim Mubarak Al Hatrushi
Geomorphology & Climatology Associate Professor
PhD, Wales University, Swansea, UK, 1995
Extension: 2036
Office No: 2488
Dr. Montaser Ibrahim Abdel Ghani
Social & Urban Geography Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Bayreuth, Germany, 2002
Extension: 2030
Office No: 2487
     Dr. Ali Said Al Balushi
Geomorphology & Environmental Studies Assistant Professor
PhD, Jordan University, Jordan, 2003
Extension: 1654
Office No: 2485


Dr. Youssef Shawky Sherief
Physical Geography & Remote Sensing Assistant Professor
PhD, Johannes Guttenberg Uni., Mainz, Germany, 2008
Extension: 2092
Office No: 2469


    Dr. Fatma Mohamed Al Abri
Population Studies Assistant Professor
PhD, Liverpool University, UK, 2008
Extension: 2894
Office No: 2473

Dr. Elnazir Ahmed Ramadan
Urban and Regional Planning, Assistant Professor
PhD,Nanijing University,China,2004
Extension: 2954
Office No: 2471
    Dr. Dhari Naser Al Ajmi
Physical Geography & Environment Assistant Professor
Ph., Edinburgh University, UK, 1984
Extension: 2003
Office No: 2468

Dr. Noura Khalifa Marzouk Al Nasiri
Urban &Reginal Planning, Assistant Professor
Ph.D Queensland University ,Australia ,2016
Office : 2472

Dr. Shawky Ali Mansour
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) & Spatial Analysis Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Southampton , UK, 2011
Extension: 2047

Office No: 2470

Dr. Mohamed El-Desoky Hereher
Remote Sensing & Environmental Sciences, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., The University of Arizona, USA, 2006
Extension: 2047
Office No: 2470

 Ms. Kawther Mohamed Al Sarmi
Environmental Studies Lecture
MA, Jordan University, Jordan, 2006
Extension: 2894
Office No: 2473


Mr. Khalid Amur Salim Al-Shamli
 Geopolitics and Strategic Planning  Lecturer
MA, Sussex University, UK, 2014
Extension: 2469
Office No: 2092
      Mr. Mohamed Salim Al Barawani
GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist
MA, Stuttgart University,
Germany, 2003
Extension: 2059
Office No: 2435
Mr.Yahya Khalfan Saif Al- Rahbi
Department Coordinator
Extension: 2919
Office No : 2468 

   List of Honours- Fall2016  
 No.  Name  Distinction/Honour
 1  Al Reem Harib Ali Al Kaabi  Distinction
 2  Asma Ali Fatah Mohammed Al Amri  Distinction
 3  Noor Said Mahad Almashani  Distinction
 4  Hiba Mohammed Said Alsubhi  Distinction
 5  Warda Hamed Shamis Al Battashi  Distinction
 6  Safa Aamir Salim Almasrouriya  Honours
 7  Manal Habib Khalaf Al Hasani  Honours
 8  Rawya Ahmed Saleem Al Hattali  Honours
 9  May Mohammed Ward Al Riyami  Honours
 10  Safa Abdullah Khalfan Al-Amrani  Honours
 11  Rahma Shafi Nafanouf Al Sharji  Honours
 12  Shadya Badar Issa Al Salehi  Honours
 13  Maya Nasser Abdullah Al-Khaldi  Honours
 14  Fatma Ghalib Hamdoon Al Bartamani  Honours
 15  Shuhd Said Humaid Al Alawi  Honours
 16  Safa Khalifa Salim Al Sabari  Honours
 17  Hiyama Hamood Sulaiman Al Rashdi  Honours
 18  Maisa Khamis Hamood Al Hashimi  Honours