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 Dr. Jamal Al-Salmi
Head of the Department

Welcome Message:

The Department of Library and Information Science was established upon the opening of the college of Arts and Social Sciences in the academic year 1987-1988, to meet the needs of the Omani society for qualified specialists in the field of Libraries and Information Science.
The Department offers three academic programs: the Bachelor’s degree in Library and Information Science; the Master’s degree in Library and Information Science, and the Higher Diploma in Medical Librarianship. The Department gives a special attention to the practical application of Information and Communications Technology in teaching activities. Thus, in addition to lectures, research assignments and discussion sessions, emphasis is placed on practical training and fields trips to information and learning centers, as well as on intensive practice in the department’s three laboratories (Informational Technology Lab, Bibliographical Lab, and Children’s Literature Lab).
Graduates of the three programs have the opportunity to work in public, university, and special libraries, as well as in learning resource centers in both public and private sectors.
The Department aspires, through its three programs, the Bachelor’s in Library and Information Science, the Higher Diploma in Medical Librarianship, and the Master’s in Library and Information Science, to provide outstanding education in information studies. It also endeavors to be an outstanding and innovative academic department serving the Omani society in the field of information with leadership at the local and regional levels.


The mission of the Department is to provide outstanding education in Library and Information Science with a rich diversity of skills in order to contribute to the community's prosperity through professional services and research, as well to prepare graduates for life-long learning and to be able to carry out information practice with competence.


The Department aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide a professional training for information specialists in order to enable them to organize information and manage information institutions while respecting Omani values and customs.
  • To train learning resource center specialists in order to enable them to manage this type of information institutions whether in schools, or in colleges.
  • To contribute to the intellectual and scientific activities on or off campus and to carry out research by organizing seminars, conferences, and scientific meetings.
  • To contribute to thecontinuing education of information professionals by organizing workshops and consultations.
  • To offer services to information institutions and coordinate and establish cooperation with them by organizing conferences and providing consultations and transferring expertise through the participation of the Department faculty in workshops and the Alumni Open Day.
  • To cooperate and coordinate with SQU academic departments, whether in the science or humanities colleges, by providing services with regard to the use of information sources, research methods, and search strategies on the Internet.
  • To cooperate with Arab and foreign universities and scientific institutions in the area of scientific research, exchange of experience, and the training of Arab students in summer.
Dr. Mohammed Nasser Al Suqri

Library & Information Science Assoicate Professor
PhD, Emporia State University, Emporia, USA, 2007
Extension: 5848
Office No.: 002

Dr. Jamal Mattar Al Salmi
Head of the Department

Information Management Assistant Professor
PhD, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, 2014

Extension: 1660
Office No.: 63


Prof. Naeema Hassan Jabr
Information Science & Knowledge Managment Professor
PhD, University of Pittsburgh, USA, 1983
Extension: 2024
Office No.: 62
   Prof. Abdel Majid Bouazza
Information Science Professor
PhD, University of Pittsburgh, USA, 1987
Extension: 3299
Office No.: A61
 Dr. Sabah Mohamed Karim Kallow
Library & Information Science Assistant Professor
PhD, Al Mustansria University, Iraq, 1995
Extension: 3268
Office No.: 62

 Dr. Ali Saif Al Aufi
Library & Information Science Associate Professor
PhD, Curtin University of Technology, Australia, 2007
Extension: 2995
Office No.: 85B
Dr. Nahed Mohammed Bassyoni Salem
Library and Information Science Assistant Professor
PhD, Alexandria University, Egypt, 1999
Extension: 2068
Office No.: 60

Dr. Salwa Al Saeead
Library & Information Science Assistant Professor
PhD, Cairo University, Egypt
Extension: 2018
Office No.: B 60


Dr. Khalfan Zahran Al Hiji

Main Library Director
Information Management Assistant Professor
PhD, Sheffield University, UK, 2010
Extension: 3293
Office No.: 61 B

Dr. Naifa Eid Al Saleem

Assistant Dean Of Student Affairs For Social Services
Deanship Of Student Affairs

Library & Information Science Assoicate Professor

PhD, Exeter University, United Kingdom, 2006
Extension: 2996
Office No.: 3138

Dr. Salim Said Ali Al Kindi
Information Management & Systems Assistant Professor

MA, Monash University, Melborn, Australia,2014

Extension: 2053
Office No.: 1231

Dr. Nabhan Harith Al Harrsi
Library & Information Science Assistant Professor
MA, Curtin University of Technology, Australia, 2010
Office No.: 85B
Mr. Sallam Marhon Al Yaarabi
Information Management Lecturer

MLIS, Curtin University of Technology, Australia, 2006
Study Leave  

Extension: 2984
Office No.: 1230
Ms. Khalsa Abdullah Mohammed Al Hinai
Library & Information Science Training Supervisor
BA, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, 2003
Extension: 2068
Office No.: 60
Ms. Za'aima Khalifa Al Busaidi
Department Coordinator
Extension: 3269
Office No: A 63

Admission Criteria
The University Deanship of Admission and Registration usually suggests an admission policy according to the University plan and available resources. The policy takes into consideration the needs of the different University units and the University Charter (article no.38). With regard to the bachelor degree in Information Studies, students are admitted to the program after fulfilling the following:

1. The requirements of the foundation year
2. ILETS Level 5 or SQU Level 6 in English

The total number of admitted students depends on a number of factors, such as the number of available faculty members in the Department and their assigned teaching hours as well as any urgent needs within the Omani labor market. Table (2-1) shows the numbers of students who have been admitted to the Department's undergraduate programs in each of the past five years. It should be noted that admissions to the program started in the academic year 1987/1988.










   List of Honours- Fall2016  
 No.  Name  Distinction/Honour
 1  Shaima Said Humaid Rashid Al Aasmi  Distinction
 2  Fatema Said Salim Alamri  Distinction
 3  Wafa Humaid Rashid Al Saaidi  Distinction
 4  Aaisha Sulaiyam Rashid Al Abri  Distinction
 5  Salma Sulaiman Mohammed Al Riyami  Distinction
 6  Jawaher Hashil Salim Saud Al Siyabi  Honours
 7  Sumaiya Salim Mana Al Jahwari  Honours
 8  Wafa Hamed Issa Hamed Ambusa'Idi  Honours
 9  Noura Aamur Said Khalaf Al Khatri  Honours
 10  Hala Khamis Hamood Al Mamari  Honours
 11  Rahma Humoud Nasser Al Battashi  Honours
 12  Asila Sulaiyam Rashid Al Mamari  Honours
 13  Ghadir Rashid Salim Alzeidiah  Honours
 14  Najood Nasser Abdullah Mahroos Al Saiari  Honours
 15  Maroa Salim Hamood Al Hinai  Honours
 16  Balqis Ali Khalaf Al Abri  Honours
 17  Asrar Omar Said Al Awadi  Honours
 18  Malak Ahmed Hamed Al-Haji  Honours
 19  Raqiya Mubarak Zayid Al Khamisi  Honours

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