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Dr. Hosni Nasr
Head of the Department


Welcome Message:

Sultan Qaboos University, with its deep-rooted academic status and its outstanding scientific achievements, is proud of its students who have worked hard to receive the great honor of joining this institution and benefit from its professors, curricula and research. At a time when advanced university education has become a major concern, a noble objective and a strategic option for governments and contemporary societies which seek to achieve a high position among nations, Oman has endeavored to prepare qualified national cadres and to train them, for they have been the target of development since the dawn of Oman’s Renaissance. From the time when Omanis received their education under the shade of trees at the beginning of the Renaissance, Oman has made big strides towards development by establishing Sultan Qaboos University, one of the finest academic institutions in the Arab region and the highest house of expertise the Sultanate. This prestigious university has shouldered the responsibility of preparing the future leaders of Oman in all fields, and providing scientific and research consulting services for public and private institutions.

In this prestigious environment, the College of Arts and Social Sciences launched the Mass Communication Department in 1987, with a focus on training Omani cadres who are interested in joining the mass communication studies with its various areas: journalism, electronic publishing, public relations and advertising, and radio and TV. The main objective of the department has been providing media institutions in the Sultanate with qualified journalists equipped with scientific knowledge through carefully selected courses and with the practical skills gained from field work on campus and within the Sultanate.

With regard to graduate studies, the first cohort joined the master's program in 2005, and by 2015, the number of graduates has reached thirty. As for the doctoral program, it has recently been approved by the Department’s Board and forwarded to the concerned entities at the college and university levels for approval. It is expected to commence in academic year 2016-2017.

As for students’ activities, the Department encourages students’ groups of which the Media Creativity Group has created a truly unique and rich environment for media-related activities and achievements. This is evident in the group’s annual Media Creativity Forum which showcases the students’ innovations in this field. The Department seeks to make the years which the students spend in the university a remarkable experience for them and at the same time to prepare them for their career by providing them with real life experiences from the world around them. 
To foster cooperation between the department and media organizations, the department’s Advisory Committee, which includes a group of prominent media leaders form the Sultanate, met in May 2015 to discuss ways to enhance coordination between the department and media organizations. The department has also consulted them with regard to study plans and summer field training in various media institutions.

One of the positive aspects that we anticipate to be of great help to Radio and TV students is modernizing the department’s TV studios and supplying them with modern equipment. This will help students keep pace with the digital revolution that the new media is going through and will provide them with the skills necessary to excel in the workplace. This project, which was completed in October 2015, cost the department in excess of a quarter million Omani Rials.

With regard to international accreditation of the department’s programs, the Department has made significant strides in this process. It has recently invited an accreditation team from the American Council for Academic Accreditation (ACEJMC), which represents one of the largest international accreditation power houses with a portfolio containing the accreditation of 119 academic programs in various universities around the world from China down to other universities as the University of Qatar. This accreditation process will help to advance mass communication studies in the Sultanate and raise the department’s global profile.

In conclusion, we would like to remind our students that they are holding a huge responsibility to improve their profession, hold tight to its noble mission, maintain honesty, objectivity, and balance, and avoid exaggeration and distortion of facts.

The mass communication department aspires to be one of the foremost departments ofmass communicationin the Sultanateand in the region,byofferingacademic programs based on quality education, scientific research, international standard's, and(aspects of the) traditional national culture.



The mass communication department seeks to create opportunities for higher education in the field of mass communication and its related branches, i.e. Journalism, Broadcasting Media, and Public Relations and Advertising that provide society with highly qualified specialists.


- To enable Sultan Qaboos University to play its role in developing the cognitive and professional skills of Omani nationals in the field of mass communication.
- To provide professional knowledge-based skills that enable Omani to become involved in society research service in the different areas of mass communication.
- To provide the requirements and encourage research in various areas of mass communication.






Dr. Abdullah Khamis Al Kindi
Journalism Associate Professor
PhD, Reading University, UK, 2000
Extension: 1880
Office No: 92 


  Dr. Hosni Mohamed Nasr
Head of Department
Journalism & Electronic Publishing Assistant Professor
PhD, Cairo University, Egypt, in Conjunction with
University of Maryland, USA, 1996
Extension: 1673
Office No: 92

Dr. Mohamed Mokhtar Satour
Public Relations & Advertising Assistant Professor
PhD, Helwan University, Egypt, in Conjunction with
Bergische University, Wuppertal, Germany, 1999
Extension: 2002
Office No: 83

  Dr. Ahmed Ali Al Mashiakhi
Broadcasting Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Exeter, UK, 1997
Extension: 1658
Office No: 78 
Dr. Iman Mohamed Mohamed Zahra
Public Relations & Advertising Assistant Professor
PhD, Cairo University, Egypt, 2009
Extension: 2046
Office No: 76


 Dr. Mahinaz Mohsin
Broadcasting Assistant Professor
PhD, Cairo University, Egypt, 2000
Extension: 2019
Office No: 82


Mr. Sultan Ahmed Al Azri
Broadcasting Lecturer
MA, Monsh University, Australia, 2007
Extension: 2958
Office No: 77

Dr. Sonia Ambrosio de Nelson
Journalism & Electronic Publishing Assistant Professor
PhD, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 2007
Extension: 2019
Office No: 82 


Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed Al Marjabi
TV Trainning Technician
High Diploma, Kent University, Maidston, UK, 2004
Extension: 2920
Office No: 93

  Mr. Mohamed Ali Al Hadari
Radio Trainning Technician
Bachelor, Ajman University, UAE, 2005
Extension: 2920
Office No: 93

Ms. Abeer Ali Al Mamari
Trainning Supervisor
Bachelor, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, 2004
Extension: 2956
Office No: 79 
  Ms. Samia Yasir Al Haddabi
Journalism Applications Technician
Bachelor, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, 1999
Extension: 2956
Office No: 79 
Ms. Aisha Hashim Al Badi
Department Coordinator
Diploma, Nizwa College of Technology, Oman, 2010
Extension.: 2056
Office No: 87 
   Mr. Yaqoob Salim Al Sobhi
TV Production Technician
Bachelor, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, 2004
Extension: 3292
Office No: 35
Dr. Mohamed Sayed Mohamed Atran

Extension: 2077
Office No: 80​
DrMohAtran   Dr. Hany Mohamed Mohamed Ali

Extension: 2077
Office No: 80




Mass CommunicationBook
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   List of Honours- Fall2016  
 No.  Name  Distinction/Honour
 1  Rahma Ali Abdullah Ali Alkalbani  Distinction
 2  Halima Salim Mohammed Ba Hashwan  Distinction
 3  Fatema Juma Darwish Al-Hadabi  Distinction
 4  Yousra Ahmed Saleh Al Hattali  Honours
 5  Sara Salim Ramadhan Al Hadi  Honours
 6  Mariya Rashid Humaid Rashid Al Maqbali.  Honours
 7  Shekha Abdullah Ali Al Maqhousi  Honours
 8  Zainab Mubarak Abdallah Al Khanbashi  Honours
 9  Saja Rasheed Salim Bait Maghrab  Honours
 10  Arwa Nasser Hammad Salim Al Khayari  Honours
 11  Rawah Said Suwaid Al Wahaibi  Honours
 12  Safa Ahmed Said Rashed Al Harrasi  Honours
 13  Kaltham Abdullah Mansoor Aldarmaki  Honours
 14  Raqiya Shamis Rashid Al Kendi  Honours
 15  Lara Yazan Brahim  Honours
 16  Alaa Raed Aly Ezzat Hammad  Honours
 17  Marwa Amair Amur Al Aamri  Honours
 18  Alia Ali Mohammed Al Amri  Honours
 19  Rawan Omar Ali Saar  Honours
 20  Asmaa Hussein Ali Al Rubaiai  Honours
 21  Hanadi Hamdan Salim Al Balushi  Honours