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Dr. Sheikha Al Muslamiya
Head of Department


Welcome Message:

Modern sociology emerged in the late 19th century in response to the evolution and complexity of social life and the need to understand the social and cultural problems created by the many socio-economic changes. Sociology has developed epistemologically and methodologically in its pursuit to study social systems, relations, and problems. Sociology and social work are among the most important areas of scientific inquiry relevant to human life and activities in contemporary societies. In the context of human society and social institutions, various phenomena and problems emerge. The understanding of these phenomena and the attempts to solve these problems constitute the core interest of sociology. Practitioners in social research and social work can contribute effectively to the scientific understanding of social problems and to the provision of appropriate solutions to these social problems. While sociology is benefiting from various human sciences, the rigorous analysis and comprehensive understanding of these sciences cannot be achieved without the rigor and the theoretical framework offered by sociology.

In the development of modern sociology, two major and complimentary activities have simultaneously existed:
- An epistemological activity interested in social research in order to discover the causes, mechanisms, principles and phenomena of social change and social problems and to establish objective scientific theories to explain social behavior; and this is the subject matter of sociology.
- A practical and professional activity undertaking tangible social services to the society, social institutions and community members based on sociological principles and theories; and this applied activity is the main concern of social work.
However, sociology, it should be noted, should not be understood as the study of ‘social problems’ in the pathological sense. In fact, its areas of interest extend to the study of viable and sound social institutions, phenomena, situations and functions, with the aim of understanding their characteristics, features, factors, variables and components in order to enhance and improve their performance.

There is also a major area in contemporary sociology which studies the various possible future scenarios resulting from the social consequences of economic and/or political policies and actions. The aim of this area of inquiry is to facilitate making appropriate social decisions, or to anticipate potential problems before they occur.







The Department seeks to become a pioneer in the integration of education and training with scientific research and community service, and an acclaimed sociological research and consultancy house locally and regionally


Flexibility in the continuous response to the needs of development, the labour market and community service, and the graduation of competent professionals in social research and social work.

The objectives of the Department crystallises in the following directions:
- Preparation of generations of national social researchers and social workers with a high level of advanced scientific capacity and practical efficiency in handling and addressing social phenomena and problems.
- Empowering students with the skills needed for social guidance and work in the various institutions of society, and professional dealing, therapeutically and preventively, with individuals and groups from different social strata in the Omani society to contribute to the continuity of safe and healthy societal structure.
- Empowering students with the skills of social guidance and awareness and the propagation of a culture of community participation and voluntary work and promote the spirit of belonging and loyalty to the country in the sectors in which they operate.
- To attract the best academic qualifications, and the constant readiness to respond to the needs and demands of scientific social research and consultancy in all sectors of the Omani society and its institutions



Social Work    


Prof. Abdel Rahman Sofy Osman
Social Work Professor
PhD, University of Helwan, Egypt,1986
Extension: 3820
Room No.: 1233
Dr. Sheikha Salim Al Muslamiya
Head of The Department
Sociology Assistant Professor 

PhD, Ain Shams University, Egypt, 2002 
Extension: 1619
Room No.: 1241

Dr.Saif A. MUSA
Social Work Associate Professor
PhD, Kyoto University-Japan, 2002 
Extension: 1229 

Room No.: 2075

  Dr. Sultan Mohammed Hamad Al Hashemi
Sociology Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Exeter, UK, 1998
Extension: 2037 
Room No.: 1243
 Dr. Magdy Mohammed Mustafa
Social Work Assistant Professor
PhD, Cairo University, Egypt, 1997
Extension: 2041
Room No.: 1226
  Prof. Samir Ibrahim Hassan
Sociology Professor
PhD, University of Damascus, Syria, 1991
Extension: 2060
Room No.: 1238
Dr. Emad Farouk Saleh
Social Work Assistant Professor
PhD, Cairo University, Egypt, 1999
Extension: 2984
Room No.: 1230
   Dr. Tariq Saqr Al Naimi
Sociology Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Durham, UK, 2002
Extension: 2040
Room No.: 1245
Dr. Hamoud Khamis Hamad Al Nawfali
Assistant Professor
PhD, The Arab League Alecso,
Institute of Arab Research & Studies, Egypt.
Extension: 2075
Room No.: 1229 
Dr. Rashid Humaid Hamad Al Busaidi
Sociology Assistant Professor
PhD, Ain Shams University, Egypt, 2003
Extension: 2038
Room No.: 1244 

Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Elsherbiny
Assistant Professor
Assiut University, Egypt, 2007
Extension: 2041
Room No.: 1226
 Dr. Aida Fouad Abdel Fattah Al Niblaoi
Sociology Assistant Professor
PhD, Ain Shams University, Egypt, 1992
Extension: 2010
Room No.: 1227
Dr. Amjad Hassan Awadh Alhaj
Social Work Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Bristol, UK, 2013
Extension: 3820
Room No.: 1233
Dr. Salim Bakhit Tabook
Sociology Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Exeter, Exeter, UK, 1997
Extension: 2049
Room No.: 1234
Dr. Mona Bakry Abdelmageed
Social Work Assistant Professor
Ohio stsate University, USA, 2007
Extension: 2957
Room No.: 1235

 Dr. Mustafa Babiker Ahmed Abu Sheiba
Sociology Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Hull, UK, 1988
Extension: 2955
Room No.: 1228
Dr. Mohamed M Sleem
Social Work Assistant Professor
Helwan University, Egypt, 2009
Extension: 2984
Room No.: 1230
Sayyda Dr. Malika Almurdas Ahmed Al Busaidi
Sociology Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Newcastle, Newcastle, UK, 2009
Extension: 2064
Room No.: 1237
Ms. Wafa Said Al Mamari
MA, University of Jordan, Jordan, 2004
Room No.: 1232
Dr. Mohamed Laziz Nagahi
Sociology Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Aixenprovence, France, 1984
Extension: 2032
Room No.: 1224

Ms. Asmaa Amer Al Sawaei
Training Supervisor
BA, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman.
Extention: 2051

Room No.: 1225


Dr. Mohamed Sayed Ahmed Bayoumy
Sociology Assistant Professor
PhD, Sociology
Extension: 2075
Room NO. : 1229A

Mrs. Raya Hamed Al mamari
BA, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman.
Extention: 2957
Room No.: 1234
  Ms. Fatima Ali Al Hashimi
Training Supervisor
MA, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman,2011
Extension: 2051
Room No.: 1225
Ms. Aalia Hilal Al-Saadi 
Department Coordinator
Extension: 2010
Room No.: 1227

Ms. Zahra Ali Al Yahyai
Department Coordinator
Extension: 2066
Room No.: 1242




   List of Honours- Fall2016  
 No.  Name  Major  Distinction/Honour
 1  Afeya Sultan Saayid Khalfan Al Busaidi  Sociology  Distinction
 2  Rayyan Nasser Sulaiman Al_Yarobi  Sociology  Distinction
 3  Dahams Ahmed Mabkhout Zaabnout  Sociology  Honours
 4  Dalal Ahmed Mohammed Said Al Mashiki  Sociology  Honours
 5  Issam Rashid Said Al Wahshi  Sociology  Honours
 6  Salim Muhad Mubarak Muhad Qatoob Al Amri  Sociology  Honours
 7  Maiya Said Sulaiman Said Al Ma'Mari  Sociology  Honours
 8  Sultan Mahfoudh Said Khamis Al Wahshi  Sociology  Honours
 9  Basma Mohammed Salim Ahmed Al Mahrouqi  Sociology  Honours
 10  Khalisa Saoud Mohammed Al-Baridi  Sociology  Honours
 11  Fatema Said Salim Sulaiman Al Zeidi  Sociology  Honours
 12  Hajar Mohammed Nasser Al Subhi  Sociology  Honours
 13  Khadija Ali Masoud Alkatri  Sociology  Honours
 14  Zainab Khalfan Abdallah Alhusaini  Sociology  Honours
 15  Azhaar Zahran Saif Alrumhi  Sociology  Honours
 16  Sama Ghabish Obaid Almas Al Saadi  Social Work  Distinction
 17  Shaimaa Salim Ali Salim Alyahmadi  Social Work  Distinction
 18  Azhar Salim Nasser Aziz Bani Saad  Social Work  Distinction
 19  Wafaa Saleem Salim Anfin Qamsit  Social Work  Distinction
 20  Amaal Saif Mohammed Sulaiman Al Riyami  Social Work  Distinction
 21  Labkheet Faraj Mohammed Zabanoot Al Mahri  Social Work  Distinction
 22  Miytha Hamed Salmeen Al Hinaai  Social Work  Distinction
 23  Iman Abdullah Mohammed Hamed Al Rashdi  Social Work  Honours
 24  Maya Sulaiman Mohamed Al Abri  Social Work  Honours
 25  Amira Mohammed Saed Al Hadhrami  Social Work  Honours
 26  Sharouq Mohammed Zayid Khalfan Al Makhiniya  Social Work  Honours
 27  Zakhraf Khalfan Mohammed Alshibli  Social Work  Honours
 28  Khalsa Harith Badar Al Ghafri  Social Work  Honours
 29  Fadhila Hamed Hilal Adaim Al Jabri  Social Work  Honours
 30  Abeer Sulaiman Ali Al Ajmi  Social Work  Honours
 31  Fatma Abdullah Alawi Al Ibrahim  Social Work  Honours
 32  Siham Hamdan Salim Al Nasseri  Social Work  Honours
 33  Hanan Rashid Khamis Al Alawi  Social Work  Honours
 34  Ishraq Saif Ali Al Mahruqi  Social Work  Honours
 35  Al Anoud Said Sulaiman Al Hatmi  Social Work  Honours
 36  Mawiya Hamed Mahmoud Al Buraidi  Social Work  Honours
 37  Safaa Marhoun Mohammed Al Wahaibi  Social Work  Honours
 38  Afrah Ghafil Abdullah Al Khatri  Social Work  Honours
 39  Asmaa Ghaleb Salim Alhashmi  Social Work  Honours
 40  Rawabi Amer Said Al Amri  Social Work  Honours
 41  Hamida Humaid Salim Al Hinai  Social Work  Honours
 42  Fatma Ali Rashid Al Khuzeimi  Social Work  Honours
 43  Aalia Khalfan Fraish Al Habsi  Social Work  Honours
 44  Rabab Said Saleh Al Balushi  Social Work  Honours
 45  Buthaina Hamed Salim Al Mahruqi  Social Work  Honours