CV and job correspondences

Preparing an outstanding CV is your key to getting the right job.

Career Advisors can help you to prepare your CV and other job correspondences in a professional way by:
  • Providing you with educational samples (publications)
  • Guiding you to the best techniques to market your qualifications, experiences, and skills.
  • Checking your CV and providing you with feedback to improve it. 

How to benefit from this service?

  • Get your soft copy of CV and job correspondences samples from here (publications)
  • Visit CCG - Awareness and Guidance Section, in the Annex Administration Building, the ground floor, during these times (7:30 AM – 2:30 PM) after taking an appointment using one of these numbers (24145976; 24145982; 24145992)
  • Or via email (

Important Notices:

  1. To get hard copies of CV samples, you can visit CCG during the working hours.
  2. To check your CV for the first time you need to consider the following:
    1. Bring a hard copy of your CV during your visit to CCG. 
    2. No soft copies in any kind of electronic devices or flashes will be considered.
    3. Bring an updated copy of your CV.  
    4. CCG does not write or translate CVs for students.
  3. After the first check, you can send your CV or any other job correspondences via email ( and team of Guidance and Awareness Section will check it and get a feedback, back to your email.