Individual and Group Guidance Sessions

You can consult career advisors at CCG on various topics regarding to your future career.
Do you feel confused when it comes to choosing the right major? Do you want to develop and enhance your skills to be able to compete in the market? Do you want to plan properly for your future career?
You can consult the career advisors about different topics related to your future career path, among which are:
Making a well-informed career decision
To make a well-informed career decision, you should take into consideration a wide range of factors, plus applying the logical steps of a decision-making process. Our career advisors can assist you to make appropriate decisions regarding to your future career. 

Planning for a successful career future
A proper planning for your future career save a lot of time and effort, and increase your opportunities to succeed in your career future. Thus, it is important to plan early by consulting the career advisors, to enable you achieving your career goals.

Choosing the right academic major
As there are a wide range of academic programs available at SQU and their various career paths afterwards, it is necessary for you to be aware of the different aspects you should take into consideration while choosing your academic major, to achieve academic success as well as professional success. You may need to consult CCG career advisors in order to get the appropriate advice. 

Acquiring, improving and Marketing required skills in the market
Recruiters expect that fresh graduates possess the basic skills required in the market, in addition to the scientific knowledge. These skills play an important role in evaluating the capabilities of job seekers and choosing the best among them. Thus, we advise you to consult the career advisors to learn these skills and how you can acquire and improve them to be able to compete for the best available job opportunities. 

Job searching, and applying for different employers
Job searching requires from you to acquire certain skills and knowledge about market. In addition, you need to be aware of the appropriate techniques to apply for different employment sectors. You might have a lot of questions and inquiries regarding to these issues, which you can ask career advisors in CCG to have the right answers and get benefit of their advices and guidance.

How to benefit from this service? 

  • Visit CCG - Awareness and Guidance Section, in the Annex Administration Building, ground floor, during the working hours (7:30 AM – 2:30 PM) after taking an appointment using one of these numbers (24145976; 24145982; 24145992)
  • Or via email (