ICDL: International Computer Driving Licence
ICDL is a global and practical standard for computer skills and it is a certificate which witnesses that its holder has the basic skills on how to use computer and its applications and that s/he has a general knowledge in Information Technology.
The ICDL has been designed in a way it covers the basic concepts of the use of computer and the practical applications in the workplace, home and other fields of the society. By successfully passing all the tests, the trainee gets a certificate of International Computer Driving License by the ICDL foundation in the GCC.
ICDL Modules
Base Profile
ICDL Base Profile previously known as ICDL Start and considered a certification at digital literacy level. It consists of 4 separate modules covering key ICT skills and knowledge areas that are a must have regardless what your role is in society. These set of skills are essential in that they enable you to develop more specialised skills and knowledge. Without these skills you will simply find it difficult to carry out everyday tasks.
Standard Profile
ICDL Standard Profile is similar to the previously known standard ICDL 7-module certification except it offers more flexibility. It comprises of the essential ICT skills afforded by the ICDL Base Profile plus 3 Standard Modules available from a wide range of modules, to help you certify a higher level of digital competence. In keeping with the established global standards, this is a recommended certification as it maintains its 7-modules structure while allowing you to combine skills that are relevant to your job and career path.
Expert Profile
ICDL Expert Profile enables you to become (and prove that you are) a power user of the commonly known office applications. It is recommended for professionals that want to be recognized as experts in these applications by being able to perform advanced functions and complicated tasks to produce professionally looking documents. You can achieve your ICDL Expert Profile by selecting and completing 3 out of the 4 ICDL Advanced Modules.