• With the Guest of Honor
  • Aquaponics model at CEMB
  • Marine Biotechnology Symposium
  • Students in poster presentation
  • Instrumentation Lab at CAMS
  • Dr. Hamed Al-Oufi's visit at Al Hail Marine Station
  • Dr. Knut Eirik Jørstad's visit at Al Hail Marine Station
  • Sample of biofouling
  • Spiny lobsters
  • Workshop on Standard Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • Distinction of Dr. Sergey


The sea is an immensely rich source of organisms and habitats, many of which remain largely unexplored. Innovative approaches are required to exploit this underutilized resource. Oman has extensive and diverse marine resources and a long maritime tradition, and therefore occupies a key position on the map of prospective biotechnology nations.


The Center of Excellence in Marine Biotechnology will focus on capacity building and will make optimal use of Omani marine resources. A sustainable development in Oman will thereby be created that will encourage future growth and prosperity.


Workshop on Advanced Scanning Electron Microscopy

  • Workshop on Advance Scanning Electron Microscopy