Corporate Connections
This refers to the college link with the industry both government and private. The idea is to involve the college, faculty and students, with the industry into various platforms for knowledge exchange including the following:
  • Mutual training workshops from both. This is done in cooperation with the Center of Community Service and Continuous Education at Sultan Qaboos University.
  • Guest lectures/speakers from both sides.
  • Participation in joint events/exhibitions (Companies’ CSR programs, exhibitions showcasing the college etc.)
  • Consultancies and research (Note: consultancies are handled by the Assistant Dean for Postgraduate and Research office. However, the ADTCS office should promote and seek venues for consultancies and offering professional training through CEPS).
  • Showcasing what the college can offer in terms of research, consultancy and training to prospective organization. This can be done by frequent visits to companies or organizing events in the college to give an overview of the college.
  • Requests received by both industry and government for workshops, research and participation in events.
  • Management of the College Advisory Board.

Signed Agreements (coming soon)