The Department of Information Systems at the College of Economics and political Science offers a range of courses. All courses include extensive practical project work that includes the use of a wide variety of teaching methods, tools and technologies. The department offers two programs: Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Information Systems. The Master of Science in Information Systems started accepting applications in September 2013 and it is offered as both part-time and full-time students.

Both programs are designed to satisfy the demand of the graduates with a combination of technical and business skills. Students learn how to design, develop and manage various ‘IS’ systems to support and improve business operations.



To be recognized as a leading Information Systems department in the region and to meet the international standards for excellence in IS education, research and outreach.


To provide students with deep and sound knowledge to develop, use and manage Information systems for business advantage, engage in life-long learning and to encourage scientific research and outreach to contribute to the development of Oman.

Students Attributes

These are the attributes that we expect our students to have by the time they graduate. They will be able to be:

  • Continuous learners
  • Ethically and socially responsible
  • Technology savvy
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professional business communicators
  • Team players
  • Critical thinkers and innovators.
  • IS professionals