The Summer Internship is a formal 3-credit hour course which is part of the formal degree plan that the students of the College of Economics and Political Science must successfully complete before graduation. Students of the college are given the freedom to choose between taking the Internship Course or taking a Senior Project Course.

The Internship aims to offer students the opportunity to apply their knowledge in real-life environments through an industry placement for eight-weeks. It is expected that the skills students will gain from working with an organization will help them perform better on their jobs after graduation. In addition, the Internship greatly increases the chances for students to obtain full time employment after graduation.

Course Code:   Accounting (ACCT4179), Economics (ECON4279), Finance (FINA4379), Information Systems (INFS4479), Management (MNGT4579), Marketing (MRKT4679), Operations Management (POMG4779), Statistics (STAT4879)
Credit Hours:  3 hours
Course Duration:  Eight weeks
Semester Offered:   Summer


Course Objectives:    By taking summer internships students will be able to:

·         Get hands-on experience about real world problems in a field relevant to their major of studies.

·         Acquire confidence for  employment after graduation.

·         Acquire skills important for time management, discipline, self-learning, effective communication and so on.

·         Learn practically about team-work, collaboration, and leadership.


Course Assessment:  Summer internship is a required course for your graduation.  You will be assigned a grade from A-F. Students failing to submit required documents as indicated below will “Fail” the course.




Industry Supervisor Evaluation Form



Final Report



Weekly Log Book






Course Grading: Since Summer 2014, the Internship Course grading system was changed from Pass/Fail to a Letter Grade system (A-F) in line with other courses in the student study plan.


Important Terms and Conditions:

1: If a student gets a ZERO on his/her supervisor/organization evaluation, the student will get an automatic ZERO in the Final Report grade.

2:  The student needs to submit the Final Report to his/her department coordinator as both Hard Copy and Soft Copy (by email). Please get the email of your department coordinator.

3. All communications from the college before, during and after the Internship will be sent by email. The student is fully responsible to check his/her email regularly and will bear all consequences of failing to do so.

4. Students are strictly advised to follow the organization working hours and attendance system as attendance will be taken into consideration in the Internship grade.

5. Students are not allowed to repeat the Internship to improve their grade in the subject.