CETL Faculty Fellows



The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Sultan Qaboos University provides services to academic faculty, thus enhancing the quality of teaching and learning first at SQU, then at both public and private higher education institutions nationally. CETL also makes visible the intellectual work of teaching while recognizing excellent Faculty Fellows across the SQU Colleges. 


The Faculty Fellows of CETL are expected to assume the following responsibilities: 

·         Conducting peer consultation

·         Modeling and promoting teaching excellence 

·         Developing outcome-based learning objectives

·         Promoting innovation in teaching 

·         Promoting student success 

·         Linking the College to the Center

·         Conducting workshops

·         Promoting center activities and events

·         Committee participation  

In addition, CETL provides other services to SQU Colleges and faculty. These services include development of workshops specific to the requests of individual academic programs, classroom observation, confidential consultation, syllabus and assessment review, along with print and electronic resources. Faculty Fellows Program  recognizes faculty who use excellent teaching/learning strategies derived from classroom-based research and who will be trained to act as college and program consultants. CETL staff will work with administration and faculty to assess both curriculum/teaching changes as well as document the impact these changes have on student learning. This collaborative evaluation process  include the establishment of performance goals, assessment criteria, identification or design of assessment tools, data collection, and reporting.