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1. Signature of Research Agreement with Nawras Telecom. The Sultan Qaboos University signed with NAWRAS a research agreement to measure and analyzes the levels of EM radiations from Nawras base stations at SQU which will be done by CIRC. The project aims to study and report on EM radiation levels from NAWRAS emitting base stations at SQU campus, examine the results in the light of international approved standards of radiations and see how these are being applied in Oman. As long as the EM radiation levels remain under the most accepted worldwide standards and guidelines of radiation they would not pose a risk to human health. The agreement was signed by H.E the V.C., Dr. Ali Bimani, on behalf of SQU and Ross Cormack, Chief Executive Officer, on behalf of NAWRAS.


Signature ceremony of SQU-Nawras Research agreemen


Main tasks of the project:
· Selection of base stations at SQU to be surveyed and inspected
· Carrying out continuous EM radiations for different stations operating at different frequencies.
· Modeling and validations of results and evaluations of radiations levels.
· Reporting on results and recommendations
· Publications of results in conferences, newspapers and scientific Journals
· Develop capabilities of SQU to undertake radiation inspections for TRA or other Organization in the Sultanate



Equipments required for the Project
· Vector Sense System (Vector Reflection and Transmission Measurement)
· Handheld Spectrum Analyzer
· Loop Antenna as HF option
· Active Directional Antenn




2. Joint Research with City University London. The university has signed a cooperation research project funded by the British Council with City University London. The project is related to “Design and Optimization of High-Speed Optical Modulators and Systems”. The project was awarded as a research cooperation grant to undertake activities as part of the Strategic Alliances and Partnerships strand of the Prime Minister’s Initiative for International Education 2 (PMI2).The project aims to link the two Universities engaged in work on telecommunications systems, through a focus on the design and optimization of high-speed optical modulators. The work will advance research in telecommunications networks by exploiting more fully through the partnership forged, the complementary expertise available in the partner institutes.





Signature of SQU-City University Research agreement
Attended by a representative of the BC in Oman (Ms. Wafa Al Jabri).



Main Project Outcomes
· Advancement and the creation of a sustainable research group in Photonics.
· Publications in international journals and at major Conferences.
· Organize seminars and workshops.
· Applications for funding for on-going and future work.
· Students involvement in the research and the benefit of the faculties-thereby benefitting both the UK and Oman through their future contributions.




3. Consultancy Project. The CIRC had a consultancy project on “Arabic Speech Data Collection”, for Language Technology & Data, which is an American company; USA.The purpose of the project is to gather spoken and conversational Arabic in a variety of settings to further the development of speech recognition algorithms in support of a larger University of Pennsylvania research project. Data was collected over a four-month period, March to June 2010, in Oman.

· Design and Optimization of High Speed Optical Modulators and Systems, funded by British Council, Hadj Bourdoucen (PI, Oman side), Ali Al Lawati (Co-PI), A. Rahman (PI, UK side), K. Grattan (Co-PI).
· Study of Electromagnetic Radiation Levels as practiced by EM Radiating Equipment Installers and Community Perception, funded by Nawras, 12 months, Hadj Bourdoucen, 2010.
· Design and Testing of a Sand Detector, SQU, H. Bourdoucen (PI), A. Naamany and M. Meribout, 02 years. 2009.
· Development of an Intelligent Multi-Sensor Multi-Phase Flow Meter, Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO), 2002-2007. This project intends to design and develop Multi sensors Multi-phase meter prototype. This meter is to be utilized to improve Oil production by efficiently assisting in identification of the production quantities.
· Development of an Emulsion Layer Detector, Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO), 2004-2006.
· Development of an oil/water level measurement, Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO), 2002-2003.
· Development of a BS&W water cut measurement device, Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO), January-June 2003.
· Strategic Project: Development of Distance Learning for Common Courses at Sultan Qaboos University (DLCC) 2005, the main objectives of this project is development of Distance Learning modules for Common Courses. Project provides many advantages for academic faculties, SQU students, University administration and the Sultanate.
· Strategic Project: Development of Information Technology Training and Research Infrastructure 2003, the main objectives of the project are: Development of an infrastructure for dissemination of IT knowhow in Oman by training the trainers, for the advancement of the nations overall manpower in the public and private sector. Establishment of an IT research & foundation at SQU to eventually serve the specific needs of Oman in all related aspects of IT.



· “Testability/reliability knowledge of digital systems through controllability and observability computation”, 2003.
· Arabic Speech Data Collection, Language Technology & Data Company, H. Bourdoucen, 03 Months.