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The Communication and Information Research Center (CIRC) was established in 2002 with a mission to promote and advance research and education through Government/University /Industry partnerships in focused and shared competitive ICT research programs. Its vision is to promote joint research and development (R&D) efforts in various areas of Telecommunications and Information Technology, with relevance to the priority needs of the Sultanate.

Since its inception, the center has accomplished a number of achievements mainly in capacity building, setting R&D labs, contributing to research and consultancy, organizing scientific events, serving the community, building links with different research and industry units, and cooperating with academicians and researchers within and outside SQU.

CIRC has signed a number of research cooperation agreements with public and private institutions in the ICT sector in Oman namely,
Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA), Information Technology Authority (ITA), Omantel, Ooredoo and others in progress.

CIRC is building a strong research plan aligned with the short and, and long term needs of the Sultanate of Oman in ICT with the believe that human resources are the most valuable component for obtaining strong research results. These are to be developed in parallel with granted projects and adequate infrastructure, enrollment of high quality full time personnel, a strong Master’s and PhD programs and candidates, and goals set in line with the funded research projects.

   Prof. Abdulnasir Hossen




Its vision is to promote cooperation, joint research and development (R&D) efforts in various areas of Telecommunications and Information Technology with relevance to the needs of the Sultanate. It is therefore intended to be a coordinating hub of ICT initiatives and research in Oman and evolves as a distinct research infrastructure from where major projects in telecom studies and research can be launched.  CIRC would strive to be an internationally recognized center of excellence for ICT research in the region.


Its goal is to team up with industrial partners and academicians within and outside SQU to generate solutions to current and future technical challenges in the development, generation, transmission, broadcasting, transformation, networking, storage and information analysis. A number of challenges on the horizon are FOSS deployment, software engineering, broadband and wireless access, mobile multimedia access, quality of service, network management, security, next-generation-Internet, smart services and connectivity.


The goal of the Communication and Information Research Center is to team with industrial partners to generate solutions to current and future technical challenges related to ICT topics. These solutions are most likely to involve the amalgamation off-the-shelf technology, advanced prototype technology and basic information technology research.

To fulfill this mission, the Center will achieve the following five key objectives:

1. Identify relevant world-class technologies and transfer it to industry.

2. Increase the flow of “Sultan Qaboos University” trained researchers skilled in the understanding and application of the strategic technologies.

3. Organize seminars, symposia, workshops and conferences on ICT issues with the assistance of local, regional and international sponsors.

4. Prepare prototypes, publish digests, directories, conference proceedings and special issues of existing University journals to disseminate research results.


The Center’s activities in Information and Communication Technology include:

. Applied research
. Consultancy
. Product prototype development
Evaluation of technologies, services, products and policies
. Raising awareness on Information and Communication Technologies
Contribution to sustainable technology transfer in the Sultanate
Continue education and training, in the form of short courses, seminars, and workshops




The Center has a new laboratory that is equipped by Information Technology Authority (ITA) to support Research and Capacity building in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). The FOSS laboratory is located at the Center’s Complex, 2nd floor, Labs 2010 A, B, and C.



Research, Consultancy and Training on Communications and Information technology which includes:

Communication Systems 
Database Systems
Information Systems 
Software Engineering
Internet of Things (IOT)
Electronic Commerce
Artificial Intelligence
Data Transmission
Network Security
Coding & Cryptography
Robotics & Automation
Computer Hardware Design
 Multimedia (Computer Graphics, Audio and Image and Video Processing)
Computer Networks (Wired, Wireless, Optical...)
Sensors Networks Digital & Analog Systems and Signals
• Signal Processing
• Biomedical Engineering




Our Offices

At Sultan Qaboos University (SQU)
All offices of the Communication and Information Research Center are located temporary in Villa 5. 


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