Summary of Computing Policies

The Centre for Information Systems (CIS) provides the Sultan Qaboos University's computing resources making them accessible to authorised users. Here we summaries how we expect you to use them, and how we will respond to service abuse.

Computing resources are to support: academic and research activities, administrative needs, and clinical and diagnostic work. Resources include: hardware, software, networks and any other support facilities provided by the CIS. Use them in a mature and responsible way.

In using our computing resources, you must respect University regulations as well as national/international law, as maybe amended from time to time. Follow these policies not only in letter, but also in spirit. If you do something, or try to do something, that we have asked you not to do, we will respond appropriately. We may,for example, withdraw your access to a service and/or initiate disciplinary proceedings.

Should you wish to embark on a program of work, and need to determine whether it is permissible, discuss the matter with the CIS before starting.

We want to be responsive to you, and will consider policy modifications or amendments, based on your feedback. Contact information is included at the end of this document.

This Summary of Policies is subject to change without any prior notification.
  • Account Policy 
  • Computer System Policy
  • Electronic Mail Policy
  • Internet, Web and Network Access Policy
  • Copyright Policy
  • Data Protection and Privacy


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  • Password must be changed every 6 months. After that account will not open unless you change password.
  • Password history will be for last 3 passwords.
  • Minimum password length is 7
  • Password must contain -At least - one number, one uppercase letter, one lower case letter and one special character.