The IT Help provides centralised technology support (software, hardware, and account services) to the College of Education community via phone, email, and our walk-in locations.


The IT Help Room is a centralised resource with phone, email and in-person support, and extensive hours designed to meet the technology support needs of the College community. It is located in the ground floor, room no. 

Getting Started

* Contact us online or mail us at .................

* Call us at ......................

* Visit the IT Help Room at the College of Education, ground floor, room no. 


Computing Labs

§  Are there computer labs in the College that I can use?

§  My class needs to use a computer lab. How do I reserve one?

§  How can I save my work if I don't have a USB drive?

§  How do I print in the College computer labs?

Software and Training

§  Can I get specialized software as a faculty member?

§  Where can I get free training on computing software?

§  I would like to create my own website. Can I get free web space from CIS?

§  How do I register my  Moodle course? Where can I get assistance?


Computing Help

§  Where can I get help with computer questions?

§  Where should I go to search for information on the College websites?

§  What are some best practices for researchers to protect research data?

§  How do I get e-mail address.?



How To...

·         Connect your device to SQU Wireless
Configure your Laptop, iDevice or Andriod for the College network.


·         Print, scan or copy in the College
Guides for print, scan and copy services for students and guests. You can also print from your laptop.

·         ​

·         ​

I.T. Training for Faculty

o    Book into an I.T. training session
Improve your skills in MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint, Prezi or iMovie.

Access I.T. training course materials
Download our I.T. training manuals and course materials.