5th International Conference of the College of Education: Sport and sustainable development of Individuals and the society, 8-9 October 2018


Brief introduction:

Sports have unique characteristics that allow its contribution in the development processes. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) endorsed the Olympic Movement Program in the 21st century, which allows the administration of the Summer Olympic Games in London 2012 and Winter Olympic Games in Sochi 2014 on the basis of sustainable development.

Moreover, sports work as a catalyst to economic development, and allow enhancing benefiting from it locally. Athletic events can create job opportunities, invest in young talents, which in turn reinforce the policies aiming at training instructors and coaches by engaging them in the various developmental programs that constitute an important element in development. Therefore, it is important to recognize sport as a catalyst to development within the goals of a sustainable development plan.


Objectives of the Conference:

·        To exchange scientific knowledge and academic expertise among persons working in the various forms and specialties of the field of sport such as health sciences, psychology, management, etc.

·        To investigate the problems related to the field of sport in order to attain the most recent scientific methods and experiences in solving these problems.

·        To reinforce the interest in scientific research in sport sciences, improve it, and direct it toward sustainable development of the individual and the society.

·        To support the partnership between the Physical Education colleges and departments in the Arab world.

·        To propose strategies to promote the various areas of sport, physical education, and health.

·        To benefit from the most important innovations and recent technologies used in the field of sport on the scientific and practical levels.


Vision of the Conference:

The 5th International Conference of the College of Education: Sport and Sustainable Development of Individuals and the Society, to be held on 8-9 October 2018 aims to shed the light on the importance of sport and its role in the advancement and sustainable development of the individual. The conference is an opportunities for scholars, and persons interested in educational issues to communicate, consult with each other, exchange expertise and successful experiences in the field of sport and physical education on the regional and international levels, thus make recommendations and suggestions to improve the level of preparation and development of the individual who constitutes a part of society, which results in sustainable quality of the individual and development of the society. Physical education and sport sciences play a strategic role in attaining sustainable development of the individual and society as they are associated with the most vital sectors in society, namely health, education, production, and other areas.


Themes of the Conference:

The initiative of the Department of Physical Education at Sultan Qaboos University is a manifestation of the University’s message that seek to reach a pioneer level in scientific research, and highlight the recent scientific developments in the field of physical education and sprot sciences through the following themes:

1.     Physical activity and health of the individual and society: Toward a better life:

·        Healthy nutrition, advantages of dietary supplements, and raising awareness about the dangers of stimulants.

·        Athletic training and its role in the sustainable development of society.

·        Physiology of physical effort and its relation to the development of the individual’s and public health.

·        Sports injuries and sports rehabilitation and their role in the development of elite sport.

·        Motor learning, Kinesiology, and sport technology.

·        Physical education programs for persons with disabilities to improve their lifestyle.

2.     Humanities and the development and sustainability of sport:

·        The international and Omani Olympic movement and its role in developing sport.

·        Sport psychology and developing the athletes’ mental health.

·        Sport Management toward sustainable development.

·        Sport tourism and its role in the national and international economic development.

·        Sport recreation and leisure to change lifestyle.

·        School sports and developing the culture of development in sport.



The abstract should contain the following:

·        Title

·        Authors and their affiliation

·        A brief introduction outlining the study background, its objectives, importance, and a brief description of the research method and used statistical techniques

·        The main findings of the research

·        Conclusion

·        Keywords (3 to 5 keywords)

·        References (at least 4 main references)


Abstract instructions:

·        Abstracts should not be less than 200 words and no more than 400 words including spaces, title, authors and their affiliation, and references.

·        Abstracts should not include tables or figures.

·        The first researcher should indicate if the abstract is submitted for the oral presentation or in the form of poster and the scientific committee will decide this and inform the researcher.

·        The research must be original and not published before.

·        The full content of the abstract is the responsibility of the researcher(s).

·        The researchers must declare that the research is free from any conflict of interest.

·        Registration and payment of conference fees must be done on or before 6 September 2018 to confirm participation.


Abstract Review Criteria:

·        Related to one of the conference themes.

·        The importance of the research question and findings.

·        Writing style.

·        The organization of the abstract paragraphs.

·        Clarity of the question or hypothesis.

·        The background of the study is adequate and clear.

·        The research method and the logical foundation of the study are clear.

·        The findings are presented clearly.

·        Explanation and conclusions are logical and reasonable.


Key Dates:

·        4 February 2018: Abstract submission starts

·        3 May 2018: Abstract submission deadline

·        5 July 2018: Abstract acceptance/rejection notification date

·        6 September 2018: Registration deadline

·        8-9 October 2018: Conference is held


Participation Fees for Research Papers:

Type of participant









Students from colleges other than the College of Education at Sultan Qaboos University



Students and staff of the College of Education at Sultan Qaboos University




Refereeing and Publication:

Papers will be published later according to agreements with candidate journals (for participants interested in publishing their research papers).


Hotels and Accommodation:

Will be announced later.


Tourist Tours:

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