Welcome to the Centre for Staff Development at Sultan Qaboos University. The Centre is regarded as one of the main pillars of human resources management at the University. It reports directly to the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Administrative and Financial Affairs as per the organizational structure of the Centre. Its main objective is to involve the university administration in the process of human development in the Sultanate.
CSD is a qualitative addition to the other centers and units at SQU that contribute to the development process of knowledge, cognition and behavior and also enhance knowledge and skills in all practical and scientific fields through clear strategies plans approved by the Scholarship and training committee, the university administration and University Council. In addition, it can be done by identifying and analyzing the annual training needs (TNA) or through scholarships nomination for undergraduate and postgraduate in coordination with all units of the University in all fields: administration, technical or IT in order to promote work performance, qualify & to enhance professionalism in different fields/ specialties.
The Centre believes that training is the solid platform for preparing skilled manpower and enhancing staff performance competency at the University to be at the pace of the current knowledge competition in the world.
The University always strives to reach an advanced and prominent place among the world's universities. Therefore, staff training is always given a considerable attention particularly in view of the rapid evolvement and expansion of the world of knowledge.
This website is designed to enable staff members or visitors to get acquainted with the main objectives of the Centre and to have an idea about the activities and functions of each department. Furthermore, it offers an open access for all staff to follow up the different training announcements, concerning upcoming programs or scholarship nominations and to get familiarized with procedures, terms and conditions of trainings and scholarships (Pls. see Scholarship handout(Arabic only)).

Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to your suggestions, which undoubtedly will contribute in improving the process of training & the career development at the University.

Khalsa Mohamed Al Maawali
Director , The Centre for Staff Development