Funded Research Project

There are many funded projects funded by many bodies in Oman. In this page you will get the latest information about the active funded projects. The following table shows the each shortcut in the table and what is standing for. 



College/Center  Description  College/Center  Description 
SCI  College of Science  ARTS College of Arts
ENG College of Engineering   CEMB  The Center of Excellence in Marine Biotechnology  
MED College of Medicine   HURC The Humanities Research center  
AGR College of Agriculture and Marine Science   LANG Language Center 
LAW College of Law   GISC  Remote sensing and geographic information system 
EDU College of Education   OGRC Oil and Gas research Center 
CR College of Nursing   CIRC  Communication and Information Research Center
EPS  College of Economics and P.S   WRC Water research center 

Table 1: College/Center Shortcuts




Theme  Description 
 MAR  Materials research
 ICS  Information and communication systems research
 FUR  Fundamental research
 IRR  Industry-related research
 EBR  Environmental and biological research
 EDR  Educational research
 LHS  Life & health sciences
 HSS  Humanities and social sciences research
 ENR  Energy and non-renewable resources research


Table 2: Themes shortcuts