Department Sections
Internal and Joint grants Section

This Section handle Internal grants, which are derived from the University’s annual budget and other internal resources. It also handles joint grants. The University may allocate a budget to match funds from other institutions to form a Joint Grants Fund to jointly support a research program. This type of research grant is governed by a signed research agreement with the other institution.


Strategic Grant Sections (HM Grants)

This section handles the generous funds donated by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, that are used to support long-term, multidisciplinary strategic research projects of importance to the Sultanate. The aim of such projects is to generate new knowledge and discoveries leading to substantial socio-economic benefits to the Omani society in the long run. 


Research Council Grants Section

This section handles grants provided by the Research Council. Under this scheme, projects may be funded through the open research grants or strategic grants. Open research grants are funds for academic research. Strategic grants support strategic research activities and aim to gain or consolidate leadership in key areas. They must relate to themes identified by the Research Council as the most important fields of knowledge, where research capacity and excellence are particularly important to improve Oman’s ability to address the social, economic, public health and environmental challenges of the future.


External Grants & Consultancy Services Section

This Section handles the External grants, whice received from sponsors, such as national, regional and international agencies, industry, individuals and philanthropic organizations, to support academic research in certain specific fields. In addtion, it handles also the counsultancy services.  The experience gained contributes to the advancement of the University’s research capabilities and academic programs, making them more relevant to addressing major social and economic problems of the Sultanate, while building stronger research ties with various sectors. It also creates an innovative and entrepreneurial environment at the University for generating intellectual property, with commercial potential that would promote a new knowledge-based industry, create local employment, and bring additional revenues to the University from licensing royalties. In addition, in some colleges these activities improve the prospect for future employment of research students by sponsoring organizations. Besides expertise, the nature of the project may also require the use of University facilities.


Research Procurement Section

This Section handles all funded research procurments and its related processes.


Research Expenditure Section

This Section handles all financial transactions related to funded research projects, and other Research related financial transactions.