1- Develops and refines students’ talents. In addition, to direct students’ leisure in a positive and useful way through seminars and cultural, artistic, religious, sport and social competitions, and to enable them to participate in both indoor and outdoor competitions.
2- Contributes to the integration of the students’ personality at the university. 
3- Builds good relationships among the students and the faculty members and the staff members by involving them in the various activities of the deanship.
4- Provides an appropriate environment for the students so they can play their academic role in a normal way (housing, nutrition, transportation, financial assistance and employing students as part times).
5- Spreads religious, cultural, physical and social awareness for all SQU members. 
6- Holds a variety of seminars and workshops as well as exchange of experiences and information with concern parities both locally and internationally.  
7- Organizes sport competitions and championships in various games.
8- Represents the university in various competitions and events both locally and internationally aiming at shedding light on the achievements of Sultanate on various levels. 
9- Cooperates with universities of the Gulf States as a basic foundation to achieve the desired objectives of historical ties between GCC countries.
10-  Integrates the new students in various activities and familiarizes them with various SQU facilities, and to discover and refine the new talents that these new students enjoy.
11- Satisfies students’ wishes and preferences through the free exercise of different activities. 
12- Implants the principles of social voluntary work among university students by integrating them in Omani society. 
13-  Provides health care for students through the Student Clinic and follows up the requirements of the students with special needs.