The Department of Cultural and Sport Activities

The Department of Cultural and Sport Activities at the Deanship of Student Affairs guides students' extracurricular activities whether they are the student societies and groups affiliated with the Department or the university colleges. It coordinates directly between these two sides and makes sure that the student societies and groups work within their objectives. It also supports them with booking and financial services or any other services within the jurisdiction of the Department.

Department Objectives

Under the premise that student societies and groups support the practice of hobbies and the gain of different skills and experiences which students need, the programs performed by these societies and groups seek to achieve a set of objectives including:

  1. Deepening the principles of Islamic education among students and introducing them to the Arabic and Islamic heritage.
  2. Cultivating the spirit of good citizenship and contributing to the development of the social and cultural life.
  3. Emphasizing the cognitive aspect in a practical functional way.
  4. Developing students' mental, emotional and physical abilities and bringing out their inclinations and talents.
  5. Encouraging students to practice scientific thinking in practical and experimental situations and practicing self-learning in different aspects in life.
  6. Developing sportsmanship and fitness by practicing various sport activities.
  7. Enhancing the students' social skills through proper social interactions.
  8. Accustoming the students to invest their time properly by directing them to practice various activities.
  9. Developing leadership qualities in the students and encouraging team spirit.

The activities and events held in the department

  • Literary, cultural and artistic evenings.
  • Specialized training courses and workshops.
  • Lectures and seminars.
  • Various exhibitions.
  • Issuing publications and documenting events.
  • Sports tournaments in various games.
  • Creative competitions.
  • Plays and cinematic shows.
  • Musical concerts and festivals.
  • Trips and visits.
  • Sport Days.



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Section of Student Groups

Section of Cultural and Artistic Lectures and Seminars

Section of Sport Activities and Rovers (males)

Section of Sport Activities and Rovers (females)