Towards a distinguished educational environment that will be a source of Omani pride.


To contribute to the realization of the University`s educational and research environment in order to achieve excellence and respond effectively to the socio-economic development requirements, adapt to the regional and international changes, disseminate knowledge and strengthen engagement with community.



1. To develop the University`s educational environment in order to ensure that academic programs are committed to excellence.
2. To attract and retain distinguished academic staff.
3. To improve students` language skills.
4. To develop field training and internship programs for students.
5. To adhere to quality standards in the educational process. 
6. To enhance academic program responsiveness to the demands of national, regional and international development. 
7. To adopt a systematic approach to disseminating knowledge and organizing continuing education, training programs and other community services.
8. To highlight through the media the University`s role in community service and development.
9. To enhance communication channels with alumni.