The seismic monitoring center should become one of the most important local and regional centers for seismic monitoring and analysis and should include an accurate database of seismic activity to constitute an important tributary in seismology, geophysics

Conducting researches and studies related to the monitoring of earthquakes, their occurrence, the calculation of their coefficients, seismic hazard locations in the Sultanate and the characteristics and specifications of each of them. The assessment of the dangers of earthquakes in a scientific way to help develop ways and means to mitigate these risks. Preparation and implementation of a program to raise awareness among citizens and residents and educate them about earthquakes and ways to mitigate their risks.

Follow-up studies and scientific research related to earthquakes and their risks Coordination and cooperation with scientific centers and institutions that are concerned with the studies of seismic monitoring in the GCC countries, Arab countries and others, exchange of experiences and the results of scientific research with them Provide advice and advice to the competent authorities in the Sultanate and coordinate with them in matters related to seismology.