Message from the Director

The seismic monitoring center at Sultan Qaboos University is one of the oldest research centers established at the university, which was started in the mid-1990s. The Center is considered one of the most important research centers and the only specialist in the Sultanate to monitor and research earthquakes. The Center monitors and monitors earthquakes that occur inside and outside the Sultanate, and report them and disseminate their data to the competent authorities

Since its inception, the center has undergone several developmental stages. It has 20 monitoring stations distributed across different regions throughout the Sultanate, which were established in three stages and equipped with the latest monitoring, numbering and communication devices. The seismic information is transmitted 24 hours a day to the Seismic Monitoring Center at Sultan Qaboos University The staff of the scientific center includes a communications engineer, three geologists and a geophysicist, in addition to the director of the center, assisted by two administrators. The Center carries out the following national services Identification of seismic sites and measuring their strength in the different regions of the Sultanate and the preparation of seismic distribution maps in the Sultanate and the neighboring areas - Publication of the annual earthquakes bulletin in addition to the simplified manuals to explain earthquakes and their effects and how to deal with them -

Spreading the culture and awareness of seismologists through the print, audio and visual media by conducting television and radio interviews and publishing articles in local and international newspapers and magazines -

Provide consultations in the field of selecting the most suitable sites for the establishment of vital installations - Providing seismic risk assessment for specific sites -Participation in teaching in the Department of Earth Sciences in addition to training geophysics students on the equipment and research available at the Center -

In addition to a number of scientific, local and international activities and we hope to develop the center to become one of the world centers of excellence in the field of earthquakes and seismic research in the next five-year plan.