Research Interests

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at SQU has faculties with diversified research and consultancy interests. Their specific and broad research interest details are given below.


Current Research Interests for the Faculty at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Research Interests

Dr. Nasser Hosseinzadeh

Electrical Power Systems, Intelligent Control applied to Power Systems, Engineering Education

Prof. Abdullah Al Badi

Modeling and Simulation of Electrical Machines and Drives, and Renewable Energy      

Prof. Abdulnasir Y. Hossen

Digital Signal Processing         

Prof. Hadj Bourdoucen

Communication & Networking, Instrumentation and Measurement, Integrated Electronic Systems, RE systems, Electronic Hardware Design, ICT, FOSS deployment

Prof. Ibrahim Metwally

High Voltage Engineering, Electromagnetics, Overvoltage Transient and Protection, Electrical Materials

Prof.  Mohamed Ould-Khaoua

Computer Networking,

Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks, Parallel Machines

Prof. Afaq Ahmad

Computer Engineering, VLSI Testing, Information Theory; Security, and Coding Reliability and Fault Tolerant Computing

Dr. Arif Saeed Malik

Power System Economics, Reliability and Planning

Dr. Faysal Mnif

Control Systems and Robotics, and Industrial Electronics

Dr. Hasan Yousef

Control Systems applications

Dr. Hisham Soliman

Electrical Engineering/Automatic Control

Dr. Joseph Jervase

Microwave Antennas and Propagation

Dr. Lazhar Khriji

Digital Signal Processing and Image Processing

Dr. Muhammad Shafiq

Control Systems Engineering

Dr. Mostefa Mesbah

Control Systems and Signal Processing

Dr. Zia Nadir

Electronics, Electromagnetics, Electromagnetic Compatibility

Dr. Mohammad Al-Badi  

Renewable Energy and Power System Economics

Dr. Tariq Jamil

Computer Engineering

Dr. Ahmed Al-Maashari

FPGAs, Reconfigurable Hardware Computer Architecture

Dr. Amer Al Hinai

Power Systems

Dr. Amir Arshad Abdulghani

Wireless Communication and Signal Processing

Dr. Ashraf Saleem

Mechatronics Engineering

Dr. Dawood Al-Abri

Communication and Computer Networks

Dr. Fahad Bait Shiginah

Computer Engineering, Modeling and Simulation, Discrete Event System Specification (DEVS), Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Mahmoud Masoud

Electrical Machines Drives, Power Electronics, Renewable Energy

Dr. Medhat Hussein Awadalla

Computer Engineering

Dr. Muhammad Al-Nadabi

Signal Processing

Dr. Nasser Tarhuni

Communication Systems

Dr. Rashid Al-Abri

Power Electronics, Power System Quality

Sayyid Dr. Samir Al Busaidi

Communications and Signal Processing

Dr. Hassan Al Lawati

Communication Engineering

Dr. Ahmed Chiheb Ammari           

Embedded systems, Real Time Systems, Inductive wireless Data and Power Transfer, Hybrid Electric Energy Storage Systems, System Level Modeling and Optimizations

Dr. Firdous Kausar           

Network and Information Security, Wireless Sensor Networks.

Salem Al-Hinai

Power Systems

Said Al-Abri

Control Engineering

Taha Mubarak Al-Saadi

Control Engineering