The Director’s Welcome note.


Marhaba’ and welcome to the Centre of Preparatory Studies (CPS). I invite you to navigate through the pages and increase your awareness of CPS and the general rules of your study here at SQU. The CPS offer Foundation Program courses, English credit courses and community Service courses.  The Foundation Program within the preparatory studies program started in 2010 with the main goals of:


  • Improving English language proficiency, with some emphasis on technical and business applications in preparation for undergraduate courses
  • Reinforcing the knowledge of basic mathematical and analytical techniques that is considered obligatory for enhancing problem solving skills.
  • Consolidating the knowledge of basic applications of computer science as means for effective learning and interaction.
  • Integrating the necessary study skills needed to effectively adopt, learn and thrive through the years of study.

The foundation program has been designed in line with the requirements of Oman Academic Standards that were published by the Omani Authority for Academic Accreditation in the form of learning outcomes for English, Mathematics, Information Technology and Study Skills.

Additionally the CPS serve all colleges by teaching a wide range of English courses that are based on college requirements and specializations. CPS also coordinate and serve Community Service courses and willing to offer a range of services to internal and external units.

The CPS with its entire staff welcomes all types of queries from students, parentsand stakeholders. We are committed to informing students of all updates on the various issues regarding their preparatory studies courses and development.


We also would like to engage the parents during the preparatory studies period and maintain a link to help students who have problems learning or adapting to the university environment.

In addition to the regular courses, the CPS offers plenty of academic and extracurricular self-study programmes. Students are encouraged to participate in a lot of out-of-class projects which are integrated to their mainstream curriculum. A lot of these projects are offered and run by former CPS students who provide experience and educational guidance to their successors in the CPS.


A student may fulfil the Foundation Program requirements by presenting an equivalent qualification, passing the exit test, or passing the FP courses. I encourage the students to benefit from their FP courses so that they can have a smooth transition to their college credit courses. I also encourage the students to use their time efficiently and try to enhance their English and study skills.


Please remember that you are given a maximum period of two academic years to finish your foundation courses. Students who fail to do so in the stated period will not be allowed to pursue their study in SQU.


My best wishes go to our hard working students who have proven through the years that they can overcome many difficulties and continue to shine in their studies and careers.


Dr. Badria Ibrahim Al Shihi

Dr. Badria Ibrahim Al Shihi
Director for Centre for Preparatory Studies