To be a leading research center in the field of the humanities at the regional level and to achieve excellence in the study of social phenomena related to Omani society.
Conducting research and studies related to the humanities, and monitoring and analyzing social changes at the local and regional levels. Providing data and indicators designed to support the production of knowledge in the humanities and social sciences in general, and contributing to the enrichment of Oman’s social, cultural and economic surroundings by investigating future aspirations while preserving traditional Omani identity.

- Conduct research and studies in various fields of the humanities.

- Initiate research programs in the humanities at the local and regional levels.

- Provide consultancies for concerned parties from public and private sector institutions.

- Support joint projects between the university and foreign institutions in the various fields of the humanities.

- Implement joint research projects in conjunction with universities, colleges and centers
  from both inside and outside the sultanate.

- Publish scientific papers in refereed journals and issue books and publications
  about the projects and studies carried out at the Center.

- Organize specialized training courses in the various fields of the humanities.

- Hold conferences and scientific symposia and seminars on issues of interest to Omani society.

- Contribute to the training of students from within and outside the university related to scientific research in the humanities.

- Provide general contributions to the local community in the various fields of the humanities.