Vision,Mission & Objective


Rule of  low in each and every sector of the university would become an example for Legal Departments in the different Departments of the Government. 


Fostering a respect for law throughout the university.



. professionalism.

. quality legal services.

. fostering respect for and adherence to law throughout the university.

.  Leadership and creativity in resolution of university issues(creativity and excellence) 

.  Perfection in legal services(continuous improvement and development,  professionalism,  and workmanship/proficiency) 

.  Legal profession ethics

.  Teamwork,  homogeneity and contiguity




To ensure that all university practices comply with existing laws, regulations and decisions.


Coordination & Follow-up section  


·         Receive and record incoming mail electronically and send outgoing mail to concerned bodies and parties following established procedures 

·         Print letters, memos and reports referred to it by the director, his deputy or other units within the department. 

·         Save for easy reference in separate files copies of outgoing correspondence, decisions, circulars, contracts, agreements, and memorandum of understanding. 

·         Oversee the department’s legal library, keeping it well organized and supplied with books, reference material, circulars and periodicals.

·         Keep the department up to date and having required stationery in accordance with established procedures.

·         Acquire official newspapers and deposit them in the department’s library. 

·         Supply the department’s units with official newspapers whenever necessary. 

·         Supervise the department’s folders and correspondence and protect their confidentiality. 

·         Follow-up with concerned bodies inside and outside the university on matters referred by the department, using the form prepared for this purpose. 

·         Reply to inquiries referred to it from other coordination and follow-up units on all issues referred to the department. 

·         Supervise updating of the department’s website.

·         Undertake any other tasks that are assigned.