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LC Highlights
  • More than 4 000 students go through Foundation and Credit programmes each semester.
  • More than 200 instructors from 30 different countries help students to improve their language preparing them for English-medium courses in their subject areas.
  • LC has a carefully thought-out structure with a number of units and committees which guarantee high-quality teaching and successful functioning of the LC. 
  • Every year LC organises the International English Language Conference attracting professionals from all over the country and abroad.  The last 13th Conference (2013) united more than 1 000 participants who took part in 85 presentations and workshops devoted to the key issues of ELT. 
  • LC actively disseminates its professional experience through regular publications. 
  • LC facilities includes 5 computer laboratories for in-class and independent learning, Teachers and Student Resource Centers, a large library of teaching and learning materials and teaching classrooms, equipped with OHP and LCD projectors.

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