Agricultural & Marine Sciences
  • Agricola + Full Text
Agricola + Full Text

1970- Current

    • This database contains bibliographic records from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Library and includes more than 4.8 million citations. The citations are comprised of journal articles, monographs, theses, patents, software, audiovisual materials, and technical reports related to agriculture.


    • AGU  journals
    AGU journals


      • ASFA

      1971- Current

        • (Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts) series is the premier reference in the field of aquatic resources. Input to ASFA is provided by a growing international network of information centers monitoring over 5,000 serial publications, books, reports, conference proceedings, translations and limited distribution literature. 


        • CABI Abstracts + Full Text
        CABI Abstracts + Full Text

        1990- Current

          • CABI Abstracts covers the significant research and development literature in fields of agriculture, forestry, aspects of human health, human nutrition, animal health, as well as the management and conservation of natural resources. This database offers abstracts and indexing for journals, serial publications, conference proceedings, books, theses, annual reports, patents & standards.


          • Water Resources Abstracts
          Water Resources Abstracts

          1967- Current

            • This database provides summaries of the world's technical and scientific literature on water-related topics covering the characteristics, conservation, control, pollution, treatment, use and management of water resources.


            • Zoological Records
            Zoological Records

            1978- Current

              • Zoological Record is the world's oldest continuing database of animal biology. It is considered the world's leading taxonomic reference. The broad scope of coverage ranges from biodiversity and the environment to taxonomy and veterinary sciences.