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The College of Medicine & Health Sciences (CoM&HSc) of Sultan Qaboos University has had, since inception, an Overseas Elective Program. Students who have completed their six years in the University spend a minimum of 8 weeks elective attachment abroad under the supervision of doctors in other universities’ hospitals. Students normally travel to different parts of the world including USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden, Egypt, Malaysia, India, Australia, South Africa etc., depending on available opportunities. The benefits of the Clinical Elective Program to our students abroad are:


  • Broadening of students’ clinical experience by seeing patients with different medical problems.
  • Experiencing independence and the need for personal initiative boosts self-confidence of the students.
  • Awareness of standards of medical education in other universities brings satisfaction to students of the local program at Sultan Qaboos University.
  • Exposure of our students to other faculties has often opened opportunities for their post-graduation. 
  • An opportunity to broaden the students’ horizon and to see different cultures. Many of our students, have not been abroad and this often is the first chance in their life to see other countries and to experience different cultures. 




The student should note and obey the following: 

  1. In order to qualify for clinical electives the students should successfully complete the Junior Clerkship of the MD program.
  2. Clinical electives are part of the MD curriculum in the College and students must complete a minimum of 6 weeks in recognized medical institutions preferably overseas.
  3. No alteration will be entertained whatsoever once the elective destination has been approved unless permitted by the host institution.  
  4. Rotations of SQU medical program shouldn’t be modified to accommodate the elective program in the host university.
  5. If there is any university cannot accommodate the student according to the SQU medical program, then the students should look into an alternative destination.
  6. Student shouldn’t leave for electives before the last Thursday of the buffer period and after getting the final result of Junior Clerkship.
  7. If the student left for electives earlier and it’s appeared later that he/she didn’t pass the Junior Clerkship, then the student will be requested to cancel the electives program and get back immediately. The student also will be asked to return back the whole elective payment.
  8. Students who travel overseas are required to submit a copy of their valid “Health Insurance” document to the Clinical Elective Office before travelling.
  9. Student Elective Deceleration Form in English / Arabic must be signed by both, the student and student’s parents/guardians (Deceleration Form).
  10. Students with “Hep B positive” cannot apply for electives in Western institutions.
  11. Accommodation may or may not be available at the medical school/hospital the student is applying for. Therefore, upon acceptance at a particular institution the student should ensure that accommodation is sorted out through personal contact, unless otherwise advised by the Elective Office.
  12. Students, who decide to proceed overseas, should ensure to obtain the proper legal documents (e.g. visa, vaccination, insurance coverage, etc.), if required, for entry into the country of their choice.  Immunisation procedures must be completed preferably beginning of the year in order to avoid any disappointments, as most of the overseas destinations are particular about health hazards ( Immunisation Form)
  13.  It is advisable that students carry with them a white coat to wear in the wards, stethoscope, and a name badge and some passport size photos.
  14. Students are strongly advised to adhere to the Rules and Regulations of the host institution(s)
  15. Students should act as ambassadors for the College, University and Country, so you should always leave a good impression wherever you go. Also keep good links with the hospital, where you have done your elective, so that in future other colleagues can benefit from your successful educational experience.
  16. Following completion of the electives, students are always encouraged to write a letter of thanks to the institution where they had been attached.
  17. Students are advised to bring with them any information that may benefit their future colleagues such as leaflets, application forms, brochures, information about expenses, accommodation, transport etc.
  18. Within two weeks of completing the electives program, the students should submit their reports and copy of evaluation form. The students who fail to do so will get an “F” grade. (Elective Evaluation Form)

If student failed to undertake the elective program abroad, he/she should complete it locally.


Please note that choice of destination must be made depending on your own budget as we are not sure of specific amount we may obtain from the University.

Please note that, STRICTLY no student will be allowed to change the chosen rotation(s) or destination, once arrangements have been made in the host institution. Clinical Elective Office will not be responsible if you have changed the arranged rotation(s) or place of destination which may delay your graduation. It is mandatory every male student is supposed to spend at least two weeks in Obstetrics & Gynaecology department in an overseas institution.

You are highly advised to form a group and complete the following online application. All the elective applications should be submitted to the elective office on or before February of each year. 

Apply online

The Elective Office has a direct contact with a number of prestigious medical schools worldwide. Each year a number of our students undertake  their elective in one of the following schools. Please note that students should contact these schools only through our Elective Office.



University Country Website Elective Link Note
Monash Medical Centre Australia Visit Visit Maximum of 6 weeks elective/ Obs&Gyne is not offered
University of Melbourne Australia Visit Visit Obs&Gyne is not offered
University of Queensland Australia Visit Visit Obs&Gyne is not offered
Salzburg University Clinics Austria Visit
Arabian Gulf University Bahrain Visit
McGill University Canada Visit Visit Obs&Gyne is not offered
McMaster University Canada Visit Visit
University of Toronto Canada Visit Visit Maximum of 4 weeks elective
Ain Sham University Egypt Visit
University of Alexandria Egypt Visit
University of Cairo Egypt Visit
Heidelberg University Germany Visit Surgery is only offered
Klinikum Augsburg Germany Visit
Klinikum Düsseldorf Germany Visit
UMC Hamburg Germany Visit Obs&Gyne is not offered
Christian Medical College India Visit
St. Johns Medical College India Visit
All India Institute of Medical Sciences India Visit Visit
Jordan University of Sc. & Tech. Jordan Visit
Jordan University - Amman Jordan Visit
Kuwait University Kuwait Visit
American University Beirut Lebanon Visit Visit
International Islamic University Malaysia Visit Maximum of 6 weeks elective
International Medical University Malaysia Visit Visit
Melaka Manipal Medical College Malaysia Visit
Sarawak University Malaysia Visit Maximum of 6 weeks elective
Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia Malaysia Visit Medicine , Surgery, Orthopaedic and O&G are only offered
University Kebangsaan Malaysia Malaysia Visit
University of Malaya Malaysia Visit Visit
Universiti Sains Malaysia Malaysia Visit
Erasmus University Netherlands Visit Visit Surgery is only offered
University of Auckland Newzaland Visit Visit Obs&Gyne is not offered
Hamad Medical Corporation Qatar Visit
University of Seychelles Seychelles Visit
Karolinska Institutet Sweden Visit Visit
Al Ain Hospitals UAE Visit
Twam Hospital UAE Visit
Cardiff University UK Visit Visit
The University of Edinburg UK Visit Visit
University of Leicester UK Visit
University of Cambridge UK Visit Visit Maximum of 6 weeks elective
University of Newcastle UK Visit Visit Obs&Gyne is not offered
University of Nottingham UK Visit Obs&Gyne is not offered
University of Sheffield UK Visit Visit
University of Texas USA Visit Visit
Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute Uzbekistan Visit



University Country Website Elective Link
Medical University of Graz Austria Visit
Royal College of Surgeons Ireland Visit Visit
University of Auckland Newzaland Visit Visit
University of Otago Newzeland Visit Visit
Aga Khan University Pakistan Visit
Pakistan Institute of Med Sc. Pakistan Visit
Brighton Health Care NHS Trust UK Visit
Ealing Hospital UK Visit
Imperial College UK Visit
Royal Cornwall Hospitals UK Visit
Royal Liverpool Univ. Hospital UK Visit
St. George's Hospital UK Visit
University College London UK Visit
University of Glasgow UK Visit
University of Manchester UK Visit
Albany Medical College USA Visit Visit
Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) USA Visit Visit
Brown University USA Visit Visit
Cornell University USA Visit Visit
Georgetown University USA Visit Visit
Harvard University USA Visit Visit
New York University USA Visit Visit
The Mount Sinai School of Medicine USA Visit Visit
Thomus Jefferson Medical College USA Visit
Tufts University USA Visit Visit
University of California, San Diego USA Visit Visit
University of Connecticut USA Visit Visit
University of Louisville USA Visit Visit
University of Rochester USA Visit Visit
University of Wisconsin USA Visit Visit
Yale University USA Visit Visit



  Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research  imed.faimer.org/

All application inquiries should be sent to:

Office of the Clinical Elective Programme
College of Medicine& Health Sciences
Sultan Qaboos University
P.O.Box 35
P.C. 123, SQU
Al-Khod, Sultanate of Oman

Phone: +968 24143416
Fax: +968 24413300
Email: medelective@squ.edu.om