Research Themes

Functionalized polymeric membranes 
Controlled synthesis of functionalized membranes are being studied to produce membranes that ensure high permeability, high contaminant rejection and better resistance to fouling and scaling with reasonable cost compared to the currently used commercial membranes.

Designer metal-oxide nanostructures 
This activity is addressed to the synthesis, characterization and application of nanostructured material systems. Three main topics are addressed:
synthesis and functionalization of nano sols and/or nanopowders
synthesis and functionalization of nanorods
processes of electronic and chemical functionalization through wet chemical precipitation techniques

Capacitive desalination with functionalised nanostructures
We are working to modify the surface properties of activated carbon cloth (ACC) in a capacitive deionization (CDI) cell in order to enhance the brackish water desalination capability of such devices. Using CDI, water supply can be increased incrementally with demand, by installing modular equipment in stepwise fashion.

Photocatalytic decontamination and disinfection of water
Availability of safe drinking water to people across the globe has become a serious challenge. The traditional chemical methods for disinfection lead to harmful disinfection-by-products (DBPs). Heterogeneous photocatalysis, being considered as a promising technique to control environmental pollution as it is free from generation of harmful DBPs, and is cost effective and environmentally friendly as it utilizes ambient solar light. Novel visible light active photocatalysts are developed on different supports for easier practical implementation in disinfection and decontamination of wastewater such as produced water.