Accreditation Roadmap



Completed Activities

May 2009

First College Retreat: Orientation session on International Accreditation

June 2010

Accreditation Consultation visit “ Prof. Marianne Hattar”

March 2012

Faculty Retreat to oriented faculty on accreditation

July 2012

Accreditation Candidacy Application submitted to ACEN

August 2013

Candidacy Presentation submitted to ACEN

November 2013

Candidacy visit conducted by ACEN

December 2013

Faculty Retreat: Post-Candidacy Plan

May 2014

Orientation Session on Accreditation in “Alumni Dinner”

June 2014

Self Study Report Revision (Faculty Retreat)

September 2014

Accreditation Consultation visit “ Prof. Marilyn Lotas”

March 2015

Faculty, Staff, and Student Retreat: Updated on Accreditation Status

March 2015

Accreditation Consultation visit “ Prof. Marilyn Lotas”

April 2015

Accreditation Site visit application submitted to ACEN

May 2015, 6-7

ACEN Forum 2015

 March-October 2015  Prepare/Orient the College (faculty, staff and, students) on the Accreditation
 Sep 2015  Accreditation - College Retreat
 August 2015  Final Self-Study Report will be submitted to ACEN
 October 2015, 26-29  ACEN Site Visit