Academic Publication

Academic Publishing is one of the DAPO’s sections. It handles the different stages of book production, including receiving the manuscript, cover design, and marketing through channels available on campus or beyond the university. Further, the section is in charge of book refereeing, financial affairs as to fees of authors and referees and costs of publishing and marketing, and keeping records of sales of publications.

The section is also assigned with organizing the meetings of the SQU’s Academic Publishing Board and implementing its decisions. Being concerned with all aspects of academic publishing at the SQU, the Board is regarded as the executive body that regulates the process of publishing and its provisions and updates.
It publishes the university’s diverse intellectual work according to world publishing standards as to editing, documenting, and printing. All publishing at the university is carried out in line with the rules and procedures of the academic publishing at the university.


This is one of the DAPO’s sections which assumes the role of commercializing the university’s research and publishing efforts locally and internationally.

Conference Attendance

This section is responsible for regulating the process of attending conferences using the available funding resources. It also processes applications for attending conferences through an online electronic system accessible to all the university’s employees.