A.P Board Members


                                  Dr. Rahma Al Mahrooqi
Scientific Publication Board Chairman 
Deputy Vice Chancellor for Postgraduate Studies and Research
Sultan Qaboos University
P.O. Box 17 Al-Khod, 123
Sultanate of Oman
Tel: 968-2414-2111
Email: mrahma@squ.edu.om

      Dr. Yahya Al Wahibi
Dean of Research 
Sultan Qaboos University
P.O.Box 17 Al Khod, 123
Tel: 24141940
Fax: 24413449
Email: ymn@squ.edu.om
 jamal (1) Jamal Al Ghelani
Director of Scientific Publication & Outreach Department
Deanship of Research
Sultan Qaboos University
P.O.Box 17 Al Khod, 123
Tel: 24145944
Email: jamalk@squ.edu.om

 Dr. Michel Claereboudt

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Agricultural and Marine Sciences
Assistant Dean of Postgraduate Studies and Research

Dept of Marine Science and Fisheries 
College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences
Sultan Qaboos University
P.O.Box 34 Al Khod, 123
Tel: 24141213
Fax: 24143418



Prof. Lamk Mohamed Al-Lamki
Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal 
College of Medicine and Health Sciences 
Sultan Qaboos University
P.O.Box 38 Al Khod, 123
Tel: 24144801 / 24144845 
Fax: 24141733
Email: lamk@squ.edu.om


 Prof. Muhammad Khan ,
Sultan Qaboos University journal for science

College of science
Sultan Qaboos University
P.O.Box 36 Al Khod, 123
Tel: 24141493
Fax: 24141469
Email: msk@squ.edu.om
   MOD S  
 Prof. Maher Mohammed Abu Hilal
The Journal of Educational and Psychological Studies 
College of Education 
Sultan Qaboos University
P.O.Box 33 Al Khod, 123
Tel: 24141679
mobile: 98986151
Email: mhilal@squ.edu.om
Dr. Mohammed Nasser Al Saqri
Sultan Qaboos University Journal for Arts and Social Sciences 
College of Arts and Social Sciences 
Sultan Qaboos University
P.O.Box 42 Al Khod, 123
Tel: 24142077 
Fax: 24413212
Email: @squ.edu.om

Prof. Ibrahim Metwally

College of Engineering


Sultan Qaboos University

PO Box 33, Al-Khoud

PC 123

Tel: 24141392

Fax : 24413686

Email: metwally@squ.edu.om