Submitting a Book Manuscript

The process of presenting a manuscript for publishing involves the following stages:

Stage One: Submitting a Request

The author shall submit the book manuscript together with the following materials:

  1. A cover letter requesting publishing through the Academic Publishing Board
  2. A statement confirming that the manuscript has not been published before
  3. A soft copy of the manuscript
  4. Three hard copies of the manuscript (meeting the style sheet and technical standards set by the Academic Publishing Board
  5. The author’s CV in Arabic and English
  6. A manuscript synopsis and a summary of the contents
  7. Filling out and signing an application form available from the Academic Publishing Board
  8. A list of prospective manuscript referees (if any)

Stage Two: Examining the Request

The Academic Publication section will look into the request and make sure that it meets the basic prerequisites for submission to Academic Publication Board. It will:

  1. Ensure that all manuscript publishing requirements are satisfied
  2. Evaluate the quality of the book contents
  3. Open a dossier for the manuscript
  4. Write an initial report about the book contents
  5. Work to submit the manuscript to the Academic Publication Board
  6. Communicate with the author about the manuscript matters.

Stage Three: Submitting the Book Manuscript to the Board

The Academic Publication Section will set the agenda of the Academic Publication Board meeting whereby the book manuscript is examined by the Academic Publication Board members for possible refereeing. It will:

  1. Set the agenda of the Academic Publication Board meeting
  2. Send to the Board’s members the agenda together with the manuscript documents
  3. Set the place and time for the Board’s meeting
  4. Present the manuscript at the meeting to the Board’s members and document their initial views in the meeting minutes
  5. Adhere to the opinion of the Board and follow up the procedures set by

Stage Four: Following up Manuscript Arbitration

The concerned departments at the university will be solicited for a list of possible manuscript referees before setting in motion the process of arbitration. The section will:

  1. Communicate with the concerned parties for suggesting a list of possible manuscript referees
  2. Write to the referees for securing their approval to this effect
  3. Set specific manuscript deadlines for the concerned referees so that they should respond in one month
  4. Receive and keep confidential the referees’ reports
  5. Prepare a report which summarizes the referees’ assessment to be submitted to the Board’s members at their meeting
  6. Submit the report that summarizes the referees’ opinion at the meeting and adhere to what the Board’s members decide.

Stage Five: Communicating with the Author

The author will be informed of the Board’s decision:

  1. After the Board endorses publishing the manuscript, the referees’ responses will be sent to the author so as to do the revisions and corrections recommended by referees
  2. The author will send back the manuscript in order to set in motion the printing process
  3. The author waives his/her copy rights to the university
  4. The author signs a contract with the university.

Stage Six: Publishing the Book Manuscript

The section will send the book together with a publishing request to the press and will ask the author to communicate with the press for any possible technical changes in the book. This stage is described as follows:

  1. The book will be designed by specialists in the section
  2. A draft printed copy of the book will be made available for consideration by the director of the Department of Academic Publication and Outreach (DAPO)
  3. Coordinating with an experienced proofreader, if needed
  4. A publishing request form is filled out and sent to the press after the approval of the DAPO’s director
  5. The author coordinates with the press throughout the whole process of the manuscript publishing
  6. The book is received by the section and stored at the DAPO
  7. The author is granted 20 copies of the book
  8. The section coordinates with other sections in the department for setting marketing strategies for the book

Stage Seven: Remuneration for Authors and Referees

  1. Writing to Chairman of the Academic Publication Board for approving remunerations for authors and referees
  2. Following up the financial procedures with the university’s Financial Affairs Department so as to ensure that remunerations are paid

Stage Eight: Publishing the Book

After addressing all financial and technical aspects of the book, the manuscript dossier is closed and archived.

Stage Nine: Marketing the Book

  1. Setting appropriate plans for commercializing the book
  2. Preparing statistics of all book sales and dedications
  3. Coordinating with other departments inside and outside the university for the purpose of marketing the book.