Outreach Section

This is one of the DAPO’s sections which assumes the role of commercializing the university’s research and publishing efforts locally and internationally.

1.Highlighting the university’s quality research work through the media (TV, radio, newspapers)

2. Connecting the university to the community through disseminating findings of research on phenomena and problems immediately related to the society

3. Advancing the university’s dynamic role in enriching thought, culture, and knowledge

4. Seeking consistently for innovative means of marketing the university’s research projects

The duties of the section are distributed among three main divisions: It is concerned with marketing all academic publications through the media and reaching out to media organizations. The division also introduces the awareness programs of the academic publishing department, and sets plans for its different activities so as to achieve the goals of the division and department. This division gathers information from various departments in the university and puts it in press stories accessible to readers. These include interviews, features, summaries or news reports. It also delivers commentaries for the department’s films and booklets.

This division is in charge of the following technical aspects of journalism:

1- Marketing

2- Editing

3- Technical

  • Graphic and technical design of different kinds of publications including books redcording films on research
  • Archiving non-textual data (photographs, audio-visual materials)
  • Recording radio programs.

 Salim Al Gheilani

Head, Outreach Section

Ext.: 5926
  Jihad Al Bahrani

Clerk, Outreach Section

Ext.: 5925

Saif Al Ma'awaly

Clerk, Outreach Section

Ext.: 5946

 Amur Al Kharusi

, Outreach Section

Ext: 5925

 Khalsa Al Amri

, Outreach Section

Ext: 5946
Ebtisam Al Harthy

Graphic Designer (B), Outreach Section


To call from outside university, please add + 968 - 2414 before the ext.