Basic Concept

The suggested system of remuneration incentives is objective, evidence-based, transparent and easily measurable. The award allocation is based on simple quantitative metrics, readily available on-line. The financial award is paid for publication in international or SQU journals. The international journals and their ranking are as listed by recognised international databases such as SCOPUS (Elsevier) and Web of Science (Thomson-Reuters). For Humanities Colleges in SQU, the ranking of recognized Arabic journals is based on expert assessments by both SQU faculty and international scholars in specific fields. These lists have been approved by the respective Boards of these colleges and are already available at the Office of Assistant Deans of Postgraduate Studies in all colleges (Annexure 1 & 2).

An award is given for:

  •     Each paper published in SCOPUS/Web of Science indexed journal 
  •     Each paper published in the selected group of recognized Arabic journals 
  •     Each paper published in an SQU journal