Sultan Qaboos University policies






Functional Fields Policy No  Policy Title Status 

Governance and Management
1-01 Risk Management Policy  Active 
1-03 security Policy   Proposed
1-04 Staff Bonus Awards Policy   Proposed
1-05   Academic Council Self-Review Policy  Active
1-06   University Council Self-Review Policy   Active
1-08 Academic Staff Performance Review Policy   Proposed 
 1-09 Administrative and Technical Staff Grievances Policy  Proposed 
1-11 Policy of Making University Policies  Active 
1-17 Internal Institutional Quality Audit Policy  Active 


Student Learning by Coursework Programs

2-01 Student Academic Misconduct Policy  Active
2-03 Academic Programs External Assessing Policy    Proposed
2-04 Academic Program Review Policy    Proposed
 2-05  Undergraduate Academic Assessment Policy   Proposed
Student Learning by Research Programs  3-01  Postgraduate Program Review Policy   Active
3-02 Postgraduate Scholarships Policy   Proposed 
3-03 Policy of Financial Support for PhD Students  Proposed 
Staff Research and Consultancy 4-01  Intellectual Property Policy   Active
 Industry and Community Engagement  5-01  Community Service Policy  Proposed

Academic Support Services 

6-01 E-Learning System use Policy   Active
6-02  Main Library Circulation Policy   Proposed
6-03  Main Library Inter-Library Loan Policy   Proposed
6-04  Main Library Collection Development Policy   Proposed
 Students and Student Support Services 7-01  Students Counseling Policy    Proposed
7-02  Student Career Guidance Policy   Active
7-03   Student Support Services Policy   Proposed
 Staff and Staff Support Services 8-01  Staff Induction Policy  Active
8-02 Staff Mentoring Policy    Proposed
8-03  Staff Training Policy  Proposed
8-04 Non Academic Staff Performance Review Policy    Proposed
8-05 Academic Staff Contract Renewal Policy    Proposed
8-06 Academic Staff Hiring Policy    Proposed
8-07  Staff Academic Misconduct Policy    Proposed
8-09 Policy on Pathway of Training of Medical Scholars/Staff   Proposed
General Support Services and Facilities  9-01 Software Development Policy   Proposed 
 Others 10-02 Social Network Usage Policy   Proposed