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The office of the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies plays a central role in facilitating student success and enhancing the quality of their learning from the day of admission to the time of graduation. Among the roles of the office is to provide services to students and faculty members that support the academic and professional needs of SQU students. Such services are provided to College of Science students as well as to students of other Colleges of the University who enroll in College of Science courses.

The office of the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies also overseas new student admissions and orientation, college-level advising, curriculum development, time-tabling of college courses, major selection, minors, grades, review of degree programs, grade appeals, and teaching evaluations.


Nasser Said Al-Salti (Asst. Prof.)

Asst. Dean for Undergradute Studies

             Email: nsalti@squ.edu.om



Undergraduate Academic Regulation


Undergraduate Academic Regulation-Updates

    • Registration is online as per Academic Calender
    • Authorization for full section is during Add/Drop week in each department
    • Apply for Summer Courses through Assisstant Dean for Undergradaute Office (ADUG). Eamil will be sent to all students
    • Summer Regulation eligibility rules 




Email us @ adugs.cos@squ.edu.om

Call us on: +968 2414 2241/2237/1403