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Green Urban Planning Contest: SQU Team Bags First Place


A group of students from the Civil & Architectural Engineering Department, College of Engineering, at Sultan Qaboos University won the first and second places in the competition "Space for Real Life: Green Urban Regeneration" which took place in Sapienza University of Rome. The team consisted of students Hafsa Al-Buloshi, Alaa Alsaid, and Sundus Al-Habsi, got the first place whereas the team consisted of Shatha Al-Saifi, Reem Al-Hashmi, Rahma Al-Isai and Abrar Al- Hashmi shared the second place with a team from Al-Mansora University.
Dr. Chaham Alalouch, Assistant professor, Civil and Architectural Engineering Department at SQU, the supervisor of the students and a member in the scientific committee at the international Winter School said that the work lasted for 7 days where the students attended lectures and interactive activities by architectural, and city planning professors from over the world. In addition, the lectures discussed contemporary issues and enriched the students with required practical and theoretical methods. The students were divided into groups to find possible solutions in order to develop social, economic and tourist aspects of the region.
Dr. Chaham pointed out that the choice of the project this year commensurate with global trend to revive and activate areas located in the outskirts of cities. This will help to enrich the economy of the cities and to improve the quality of life for the residents in these areas by designing developmental projects based on the optimal use of green areas without damaging them. He said that the participation of SQU students gave them the opportunity to interact with different architectural schools and cultures, exchange experiences with students and faculty staff from different countries, which contributed in the enrichment of the designing style of the students and training them to deal with international large-scale projects.